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Across the UK, people take dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals for a range of reasons. Primarily to maintain and improve overall health and prevent health problems. They can be used to supplement the diet, for bone health, heart health, skin health, bowel health, eye health and mental health. They are often taken to boost immunity and prevent colds, as well as to promote healthy joints and prevent arthritis. They can be used encourage weight loss, provide energy and improve sleep. They are believed to help make hair and nails healthier and stronger, improve sleep and can be used during the menopause and pregnancy. So, as you can see, there is large variety of uses for supplements and they are in high demand. And there are numerous companies set to capitalise on the lucrative market.

Demographical Analysis of the Supplements Industry

According to Grant Thornton, age is one of the main reasons why people start taking supplements and vitamins. Younger adults are starting to try out the effects of supplements rather than going straight to the doctors, as well as using them to meet their fitness-related goals. On the other hand, elderly adults tend to take supplements to avoid the development of chronic medical conditions and as a preventative method to avoid becoming unwell. Young children between the ages of six months and five years might take them to ensure they are getting enough vitamins whilst they grow. Pregnant and lactating women often take supplements to ensure their growing babies are provided with sufficient nutrients.

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Best Supplement Companies

Take a look below at the top five supplement companies in the UK.

1. BioCare

BioCare has nearly 30 years of experience under its belt and has heaps of expertise in the development of professional nutritional supplements. It vows to continue to provide the most cost effective and highest quality products, as well as providing the support and services to meet peoples individual needs. The brand manufactures vitamins, minerals, multinutrients, live bacteria, antioxidants, fatty acids and enzymes.

2. Simply Supplements

This supplement company was established over a decade ago and has grown to become a frontrunner in the industry. Its purpose is to provide customers with high-quality products at a competitive price and ultimately make healthy living simpler. There are UK call centre advisors and nutritionists on hand to answer any queries. Simply Supplements offers a range of vitamins and minerals, hay fever treatments, vegan supplements, supplements for pets and much more. All supplements are manufactured to GMP standards and, due to its excellent product range and service, over 30,000 customers have rated it five stars on TrustPilot.

3. Evolution Organics

Evolution Organics was founded in 2009 by Henry Maitland. It provides a source of premium, natural health food supplements and wellness products. Products come from manufacturers that buy from natural or certified organic sources. Evolution Organics is eager to be ethically and environmentally aware and currently 50 percent of their product offering is organic. And there have been some cases where the health benefits outweigh whether or not they are organic.

4. Nutri-Link

This supplement distribution company was founded in 1998 and remains true to its founders aims of applying a scientific approach to its choice of nutritional supplements, dedicating the company to healthcare practitioners, only selling to registered practitioners and their patients, providing exceptional technical support and promoting the health benefits and lifestyle changes made possible through nutritional therapy.

The last supplement company is based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands (so not part of the UK), but its worth a mention due to it being the UKs largest mail-order supplier of supplements, vitamins and minerals.

5. Healthspan

Healthspan was founded in 1996 with just six products, with the founder putting a clear focus on quality, value for money and customer service. Ever since, the company has been at the forefront of advancements in the industry and it was one of the first to ensure its products were produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. On top of this, it was independently judged as producing the most refined cod liver oil available and created the first allergen-free glucosamine. It continues to work with experts in the sector to continually produce the best supplements out there. Healthspan provides vitamins and supplements, skincare, supplements for pets, nutrition for athletes and even nutritious food and drinks. Products are never tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans where possible.
If youve been inspired by any of the above supplement companies and fancy your chances of running your own, then take a look below at a brief guide on how to start one. Be warned, however, that whilst it is a rewarding trade, it involves a lot of hard work. You must be able to market your product, distribute it, provide customer service, manage legal issues and organise your financial affairs, all whilst running a successful, profitable business.

How to Start Your Own Supplement Company

1. Step 1
Identify an in-demand product that will add value to peoples lives. Obvious markets include weight loss and muscle gain.

2. Step 2
Identity and define your market. Think about the characteristics of your target customer.

3. Step 3
Think about your competition. You need to be able to convince your target customer that you offer something unique. Think about your competitors price, target consumer, marketing and value claims (what they say their products can do).

4. Step 4
Make a customer acquisition plan. This could include media buying, direct sales, blogging and pay-per-click advertising.

5. Step 5
Create your supplement.

6. Step 6
Form a relationship with a supplement manufacturer.

7. Step 7
Start marketing. Create product labels, the website and a social media presence.

8. Step 8
Ensure the business has all legal grounds covered.

9. Step 9
Think about how you will distribute the products - the manufacturer will usually help with this.

10. Step 10
Start selling!

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