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If you want to make a difference in your community, there are many options to consider. One of them is opening a Clarriots Care franchise. Renowned for both their excellent standards of domiciliary care and for being one of the most exciting franchises on the UK market, the business is a fantastic opportunity for anyone that wants to own a successful company and give something back in the process.


Like many successful franchises, Clarriots Care was born of a deeply moving personal experience. Founded in 2005, the mastermind behind the business, James Carrat, hit upon the idea when searching for a care provider for his ageing grandfather. Unable to find an organisation capable of meeting his grandfathers needs, he decided to start his own company and be the change he wanted to see. The franchise has now grown to encompass 14 franchise units across the UK. Clarriots Care is still searching for new franchisees to join their team and hope to continue expanding throughout the country.

Clarriots Care basics

Clarriots Care offers a wide range of care services to those who need them most. Unlike most other care companies, they don't restrict their services to the elderly. Instead, they provide 18 different services each of which is tailored to meet the specific needs of the recipients to individuals of all ages. This wide range of services has ensured that Clarriots Care has become the most diverse care provider in the country. As well as elderly care, they also offer child care, care for the mentally and physically disabled, night care, and pet care, amongst others. As the franchise is a domiciliary care provider, all services are delivered to the home, and all thats required is an office property from which to operate the business.

The care industry in the UK

The care industry in the UK is experiencing a period of intense growth, and anyone hoping to jump on the bandwagon will need to do so soon. Currently, the care sector is worth more than £40 billion, though this will only grow as the UKs ageing population becomes an increasingly important factor in the provision of care services. Experts estimate that by 2030, the countrys population of over 65s will have grown by an incredible 40%, increasing Clarriots Cares potential market by a considerable amount.

The fact that people are now living for longer also suggests that the franchises services will be in high demand over the coming years. As people live for longer, theyll begin to search for a care provider that can guarantee them a certain level of comfort, without having to compromise their independence or integrity.

What level of investment is required to become a franchisee?

To become a franchisee, a minimum investment of £32,500 is required. However, it's recommended that new franchisees have a little extra working capital behind them, to see them through the early stages of development. Despite this, Clarriots Care remains an incredibly affordable opportunity for anyone thinking of opening a franchise.

Clarriots Cares excellent reputation has also ensured that theyve been able to forge strong relationships with some of the countrys leading lenders. New franchisees can expect to be able to borrow up to 70% of the initial investment from one of the many major banks that provide finance to franchisees. Once up and running, a regular management fee of 5% of your turnover is payable to Clarriots Care. On top of this, a further 3.5% of turnover is payable in sales fees.

What do you get in return for this investment?

In return for your investment in a Clarriots Care franchise, youll be able to trade under the business brand name, use selected trademarks, and receive training, equipment, and guidance as you grow your franchise. All new franchisees are put through a 180-day training school that guides you through the basics of running a franchise unit and equips you with all the tools youll need to operate a successful care franchise.

Franchisees will also receive £10,000 of training equipment for your staff, an additional £1,000 for the franchise units grand opening, and ongoing support and assistance once the business has established itself. This includes help with setting up digital systems, marketing, customer outreach, and sales advice. Clarriots Care prides themselves on providing their franchisees with everything they could need to succeed in the industry, and existing franchisee will undoubtedly back up their claim to be one of the most supportive franchisors on the market.

What kind of franchisee is Clarriots Care looking for?

As with most good franchises, Clarriots Care doesn't require their franchisees to have any previous experience of working in the care sector. Instead, theyre searching for business-minded individuals who demonstrate a commitment to growing their unit, share a similar set of principles, and care deeply about providing excellent standards of care to those who need it most.

While previous experience is by no means frowned upon, franchisees will be assuming a management role that focuses more on how the business is run, than the actual provision of day-to-day care. Consequently, the franchisee will need to have a basic understanding of business management and be prepared to learn a great deal in the franchise training programme. For Clarriots, the most important factor is finding partners that share the organisation's vision of the future and who are dedicated to improving people's lives in whatever way they can.

As one of the leading care franchises in the country, Clarriots Care is an excellent investment opportunity for anyone who wants to make a difference to the local community. With astounding levels of customer satisfaction, new franchisees will be operating under a brand thats known to deliver high standards of service time and time again. If you want to find out more information, get in touch with Clarriots Care now, browse our Point Franchise information pages, or take a look at our comprehensive collection of online resources.

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