Q&A: Does Little Caesars Pizza Franchise in the UK?

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In this article, we’re going to look at whether Little Caesars offers a franchise package in the UK, as well as similar opportunities you can get involved with if you’re interested in making a living from the tasty Italian favourite.

The UK’s pizza sector is worth £3.2 billion and there are more than 5842 locations across the country – yet more and more brands are coming to our shores every year. It’s also the most popular food for us to eat when we dine out, and the second most common item to be purchased from the supermarket.

All of these stats suggest there’s never been a better time to invest in a pizza franchise than now. But can you put your hard-earned cash into a Little Caesars locations right here in the UK? Let’s find out …

History of Little Caesars

Founded in 1959 in Detroit, Michigan, the company has grown to become the third-largest pizza brand in the US. This is no mean feat considering the sheer size of the country, and it is a testament to the quality of what the company is offering. This rise to the top was helped by a famous advertising slogan (“Pizza! Pizza!”) and offers that allowed hungry consumers to get two pizzas for the same price as that of just one from their main competitors.

The company started franchising in 1962 and had a base in every state by 1987. This pace of growth didn’t let up and during the period of 2008-2015, Little Caesars was the fastest-growing pizza restaurant in the US. The company also began to make moves internationally, with over 5,000 across the globe by the end of 2017.

Does Little Caesars franchise in the UK?

Unfortunately, Little Caesars doesn’t currently have any opportunities for new franchisees who are based in the UK. It previously had a presence in this country, with four restaurants across the South East, but withdrew the brand all the way back in 2000 after failing to properly adapt its business model to the UK market. There don’t seem to be any current plans to bring the brand back to our shores and nothing to suggest this is likely to change in the future either.

Big business The UK’s pizza sector is worth £3.2 billion

How to get involved with Little Caesars

The company has established franchises in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rice, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Guatemala, Bahamas, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Jamaica, Bahrain, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago and Chile.

So, if you’re in any of these countries and are looking for the perfect pizza franchise to join, there’s every chance you could become part of the Little Caesars family. However, you’ll need to have plenty of cash to invest, as well as working capital to see you through the difficult first few months before you begin turning a profit. Investment begins at $355,000, but you’ll need a net worth of $250,000 as well as liquid assets worth at least $100,000.

Little Caesars does have franchise finance partners who are willing to lend a portion of the investment cost, but it’s likely to be an opportunity suited to entrepreneurs who have already established another successful enterprise, either through an independent business venture or another franchise opportunity.

The pizza market in the UK

According to Statista, the UK’s pizza delivery market is estimated to be worth £2.1 billion. We are are truly a nation of pizza lovers, especially when we can get our favourite Italian treat delivered to us in the comfort of our own homes. It has been called one of the most recession-proof sectors, as we still tend to spend on the odd pizza treat even when our finances look bleak. Whether you’re hosting a girly night in, nursing a hangover or want to celebrate an occasion, pizza is always right for the occasions.

However, it seems as though we also can’t get enough of the circular delights when we’re eating out too. Pizza eaten outside of the home is worth an additional £1.1 billion, with 60% of our restaurants serving pasta or pizza as their star dish and menu’s main focus.

Similar franchise opportunities

If you’re interested in becoming part of one of the UK’s most promising pizza franchises, we have lots of options. Here are two of the most financially rewarding pizza franchises out there.

Bella Italia

A staple of the British high street, Bella Italia is a beloved Italian restaurant franchise. With a recognisable image and more than 40 years of industry experience, Bella Italia is a hugely popular brand among franchisees.

Customers flock to the restaurant for its delicious, hand-stretched pizza and De Cecco pasta, which is made using high-quality grains and imported directly from Italy. The brand now has more than 100 restaurants serving up tasty Italian dishes across the UK, Europe and beyond and is looking for investors to develop its network.

  • Becoming a Bella Italia franchisee: Franchisees should have a good network of contacts, a strong track record in the food and drink industry and the motivation to take the business to the next level. To learn more and sign up, click here.

  • How much you need to invest: Investors must be able to put a minimum of £350,000 and a total of £700,000 into their new business.
  • What you get for your investment: Bella Italia does not leave you in the dark when it comes to setting up your business. Franchisees will be able to rely on access to an operations portal and a comprehensive training package to ensure that the business runs at maximum efficiency. What’s more, Bella Italia will also provide a dedicated support team to assist franchisees throughout their franchising journey.

Papa John’s

As a leading pizza delivery chain, Papa John’s offers thick crust pizza, dough-based snacks, drinks and desserts. Founded in the US in the 1980s, Papa John’s expanded into the UK in 2000 and now has more than 5,000 branches across 45 countries worldwide, achieving an annual revenue that exceeds $3 billion.

  • Becoming a Papa John’s franchisee: Investors looking for a slice of the action do not need previous experience with a food franchise as long as they are business-oriented and have good communication skills.
  • How much you need to invest: A minimum investment of £100,000 and £18,500 in franchise fees will be required to get a Papa John’s store up and running.
  • What you get for your investment: New franchisees will benefit from a six-week training scheme that includes marketing support, as well as a royalty reduction programme and free oven.

Grab a slice of the action

As we’ve outlined here, while there isn’t currently any opportunity to become part of the Little Caesars family, there are plenty of exciting pizza businesses here in the UK looking to welcome ambitious new franchisees.

Take a look through our selection here or browse our franchise directory for lots of other exciting franchise opportunities across every sector imaginable.

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