8 Reasons Why Starting a Pizza Franchise is a Smart Business Decision

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Pizza is a popular and versatile food choice that is enjoyed in many UK households and restaurants. If you’re in two minds about whether the cheesy treats should be the focus of your next business venture then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we look at the top reasons why starting a pizza franchise is a smart business decision.

With endless flavour options available and widespread appeal, more often than not, Brits will reach for the pizza takeaway menu over another cuisine. Pizza is also our second most popular choice when eating out, closely following pub food. It’s clear that the UK has fallen in love with the Italian classic, as is shown by these impressive statistics and the success of many popular pizza restaurant franchises.

According to a recent survey, the average Brit makes their way through 731 pizzas in their lifetime – setting them back around £9,725. Also, 49 percent of the UK population eats pizza at least once a week and every year, almost £3 billion is spent on pizza in the UK. If you’ve had time to digest all those impressive statistics, you may be thinking about investing in a pizza franchise.

Why open a pizza franchise?

As with any franchise business, there are big benefits to investing in a pizza franchise and running your own restaurant. Let’s explore some of the main ones now…

1. Less risky and immediate brand recognition

By choosing the franchise route, much of the risk of starting a new business is alleviated. With the security net of existing brand recognition and an established customer base, you’re likely to become profitable much sooner.

By joining a recognised brand, you’ll gain a loyal customer base and should be able to see profits quickly. Whether the brand is well-known for having the best stuffed-crust options or authentic Italian taste, you’ll benefit from buying into a pizza franchise brand rather than starting from scratch.

2. Supply chain and purchasing power

When you own a pizza restaurant you can benefit from an existing supply chain of quality ingredients from trusted vendors.

3. Consistency between franchises

When customers are choosing which restaurant to dine in, not only are they considering the tastiness and quality of the food, but one of the key drivers for this choice is consistency.

If you want your customers to come back then opting for a franchise ensures consistent quality, for example in the standard of the food, waiting times and reasonably priced menus. Earn the trust of your customers and they will keep coming back for more.

£9,725 What the average Brit spends on pizza in their lifetime

4. Lots of training and support

As with any franchise business, those investing in pizza franchise opportunities will receive comprehensive training before launching their restaurant. Franchisees have access to all the support needed to be able to own and operate a profitable business, so no experience is necessary.

With a tried and tested business model, everything from expenses to required stock levels has already been analysed and calculated. Even decisions like where to locate your restaurant can be assisted by the franchise you invest in.

5. Access to marketing tools

The majority of franchisors have comprehensive marketing plans in place for the franchise. This usually includes advertising campaigns, internet advertising, public relations, social media and direct mail efforts. Therefore, if the brand recognition is established widely, the franchisees will benefit from this brand equity.

6. Can use technological advancements to your advantage

With the UK embracing the digital era, more and more pizza lovers are opting to order online. Therefore, large franchise businesses often invest in technology to keep ahead of the game. Franchisees can have access to important technological elements of the business. This might seem like a simple part of a business’s infrastructure, but it could be harder for an independent business to replicate.

Many pizza restaurants now increase their sales by advertising on smartphone-based delivery platforms like Deliveroo and Just Eat. What’s known as the ‘Deliveroo-effect’ has seen the amount we spend on takeaways increase by 73 percent in ten years to reach £4.2 billion.

Social media is incredibly valuable to pizza franchises:

“Don’t overlook visual appeal. In our Instagram world, a stunning pic of a pizza…opened by millions of users…could be your best marketing tool – ever!” – Pizza & Pasta Magazine, February 2018

7. Growing market

Even in an age of health-conscious consumers, pizza franchises are evolving and adapting to meet their customers’ needs. Responding to higher consumer expenditure, many pizza franchises are introducing premium products, including gourmet pizzas with healthier, higher quality ingredients. The growing demand for meat-free or gluten-free options have also increased menu options and attracted a wider clientele for the pizza restaurant business.

8. Lots of pizza franchising success stories – why not be the next?

Paul Ashurst, a Domino’s franchisee, has achieved great things on his journey with the global brand.

“From the start I told Domino's my goal was to open 10 stores in 10 years. I invested in my first franchise in Wickford in April 1999, raising the funds by going into partnership with my university friend Kevin Butler, selling shares to friends and family, borrowing from parents and getting a loan from the bank. Nine years later and Kevin and I are millionaires - we've just opened our ninth store, we employ 300 people and our business is turning over £6 million a year.”

Best pizza franchises

Bella Italia

This Italian pizza franchise is passionate about serving food that offers a ‘true taste of Italy’ while providing a warm welcome to its customers - this is the secret ingredient to its loyal customer base. With Bella Italia boasting over 100 restaurants in the UK and Ireland, the contemporary brand has ample experience in the pizza sector.

  • Becoming a Bella Italia franchisee: The pizza restaurant business is actively looking for franchisees. It asks that candidates have a solid history in the Food & Beverage industry and have established a local network.
  • How much you need to invest: To be accepted as a franchisee, you need to make a minimum investment of £350,000 or a total investment of £700,000.
  • What you get for your investment: As well as being able to operate under the nationally recognised brand name, you will have access to an online operations portal, take part in tried and tested training programmes and benefit from quarterly reviews.


Wolf offers authentic Italian food sold from street food stalls up and down the UK. It is proud to sell only high-quality, hand-prepared Italian dishes.

The concept has been designed to be a low skill, high quality operation that has strong branding and mass appeal. The stores can operate on an A1 store footprint from morning to night providing breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as alcohol (subject to licensing).

  • Becoming a Wolf franchisee: Wolf is looking for multi-unit franchisees across the UK.
  • How much you need to invest: Investors looking to join the brand should be prepared to make an investment of £200,000 and pay £15,000 in franchise fees.
  • What you get for your investment: To name just a few things, you’ll get to operate under the guidance of an operations director with over 25 years of experience in the industry, take part in a month-long training programme, and use an established national supply chain.

Sink your teeth into a pizza franchise

The pizza restaurant business has always performed well in the growing fast-food market. As the UK is gradually becoming a population of informal diners, opting to eat out or order food in rather than cook at home, there has never been a better time to become a pizza franchise owner.

Whether providing traditional or speciality pizzas through eat-in or takeaway dining concepts, there’s plenty of opportunity to cash-in on the UK’s love of pizza. Get in touch to find out more information and potentially undertake a pizza franchising adventure. Make sure to check out our top 5 pizza delivery franchisesin the UK too.

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