Italian Pizza Franchises- What Opportunities Are Available in the UK?

Italian Pizza Franchises

British people are passionate about pizza - plain and simple. Whether its curled up on the sofa with friends or celebrating in a fine dining restaurant, pizza is always a popular choice. Do you know anyone that doesnt like the traditional Italian dish? According to a survey carried out in 2018, the average Brit chomps their way through 731 pizzas in their lifetime. Results also showed that one in five of those surveyed described pizza as their favourite food, and that in their lifetime the average pizza-consumer spends £9,725 indulging their cheesy fantasies. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that pizza takeaways are in the top three best-selling takeaway choices in the UK.

Italian Pizza London

Italian pizza is the ultimate fast food - on top of it being an easy meal when youre hungry and need to fill up fast, its also incredibly cheap and simple to produce. An experienced pizza chef can prepare raw pizza dough with any topping. Skip to eight minutes later and a beautifully baked pizza emerges from the oven. This easy process makes bulk pizza prep extremely cost effective.

The pizza restaurant, LAntica Pizzeria da Michele, has the reputation as being the best in the world, never mind in London. It originated in Naples and was even featured in Eat, Pray, Love. Head to the Baker Street branch if youre in London, but be prepared to queue.

Trends to Consider When Starting a Pizza Franchise

Its a good idea to consider healthy options, with many British consumers trying to live a healthier life - exercising more and opting for more wholesome foods. Italian pizza franchises that offer healthy alternatives, such as a salad bar, will benefit more than those that turn a blind eye.

Being an environmentally friendly restaurant is likely to attract the large millennial population who strive to dine in establishments that consider things like their water usage, use eco-friendly disposables and minimise food waste.

Pizza chains that are making the biggest movements in Italian dining are those which create a strong online presence and provide simple online ordering. Amid the surge in smartphone apps, ordering food could not be easier, with statistics showing that e-commerce sales account for 78 percent of UK pizza deliveries.

Original Italian Pizza Franchise

Starting an Italian pizza franchise is easier than youd think and there are countless benefits of being your own boss - but there is still the financial security of being part of an established franchise. Franchises will provide all the necessary training so you can run the business successfully on your own in no time, and help will never be too far away.

Rather than building up your crust-filled empire from scratch, running a pizza franchise with a well-known brand name means there is already a dedicated customer base, and the security of a trusted company. Opening an Italian pizza franchise in smaller towns could be a great investment opportunity due to there being less competition and lower rent prices.

If opening a pizza franchise sounds like something you could get your teeth into, take a look below for some opportunities available through Point Franchise.

Franchise Opportunities

Papa Johns

Founded in 1984, the international pizza delivery franchise, Papa Johns, boasts over 5,000 stores worldwide - people clearly cant get enough of Papas pizza. The annual global sales surpass $3 billion and Great Britain is leading the brands international expansion.

The chain advocates Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, a notion which must be shared by pizza-loving Brits and food experts alike. Since 2000 when the first UK franchises opened, customer feedback has been so outstanding that Papa Johns (GB) Ltd has been awarded best UK Pizza Delivery Operator six times by the Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association.

Becoming a franchisee with Papa Johns allows you to be part of a business with years of experience in the pizza franchising industry and gain access to a management team and who will train and support you throughout.

A typical investment is between £170,000 and £225,000, of which £100,000 should be in liquid funds. There is also a franchise fee of £18,500.


This Italian pizza franchise is an innovative artisan pizza company. The first FIREAWAY store opened in Sutton in 2016, and since then seven more stores have opened in and around London.

FIREAWAY attends to our inner food designer, with customers being able to choose from 25 toppings and create their own pizza, all before it is thrown into an authentic Italian pizza oven. Not only is it authentic, but fast too, with the pizza-making process only taking 180 seconds.

There is also a delivery only option, FIREAWAY EXRESS, which needs a lower initial investment and operates through food delivery services such as UberEats, JustEat, Deliveroo and its own website and app.

Fireaway will provide training to help your business blossom, supply chefs from Italy and help manage marketing. As the business is still relatively new, its focusing on its expansion. For this reason, the franchise fee is currently only £249 per month, making it eminently affordable for prospective franchisees. The minimum investment is £30,000 and the total investment is £35,000.

Bella Italia

This Italian pizza parlour finds tradition and treasures it. It is passionate about serving food that is a true taste of Italy, whilst providing a warm welcome to its customers - this is the secret ingredient to its loyal customer base.

Bella Italia has been in the food industry for over forty years, but they are still keeping up-to-date with food trends and finding ways to keep the brand fresh. With the chain boasting over 100 restaurants in the UK and Ireland, the contemporary brand has heaps of experience with all things pizza and franchising.

The franchise team are dedicated to supporting its franchisees, with brand development being at the forefront of its business model. In order to invest you need a minimum investment of £350,000 and there is a total investment of £700,000. Franchise fees are £25,000.

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