6 Advantages of Running an Italian Pizza Franchise

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Italian Pizza Franchises

Not many of us can resit the garlicy aromas of a traditional Italian eatery. If you’re business-minded and love the classic cuisine, you might have dreamed of starting your own Italian pizza franchise. In this article, we’re going to explore the top advantages of doing so.

British people are passionate about pizza - plain and simple. Whether its curled up on the sofa with friends or celebrating in a fine dining restaurant, pizza is always a popular choice. But have you ever considered making your living from this irresistible dish? We’re going to break down some of the top reasons why starting an Italian pizza franchise is such a smart business decision.

1. It’s quick to make

On top of it being an easy meal when you’re hungry and need to fill up fast, it’s also incredibly cheap and simple to produce. An experienced pizza chef can prepare raw pizza dough with any topping. Skip to eight minutes later and a beautifully baked pizza emerges from the oven. This easy process makes bulk pizza prep extremely simple and cost effective, ultimately helping you to turn a profit.

If you choose to operate an Italian pizza franchise in the takeaway or grab and go market and feed hungry customers in urban centres, sales will be through the roof with the rapid turnover time.


2. Pizza ovens add to the customer experience

Lots of customers enjoy the authenticity of their piping hot pizza being served fresh from a pizza oven. But it also results in many of them being in and out quickly, or at least much quicker than if they were to choose another made-to-order food option. For Italian pizza franchise owners, this means that you can boost your turnover and increase earnings.

3. You can tap into the healthy eating trend

It’s a good idea to consider healthy options, with many British consumers trying to live a healthier life - exercising more and opting for more wholesome foods. Italian pizza franchises that offer healthy alternatives, such as a salad bar or lighter bases and toppings, will benefit more than those that turn a blind eye. As well as being more aware of what they put in their mouths, customers are starting to think about how their consumption negatively impacts the environment.

Being an environmentally friendly restaurant is likely to attract the large millennial population who strive to dine in establishments that consider things like their water usage, using eco-friendly disposables and minimising food waste.

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4. Staff training isn’t always needed

If you purchase the right equipment, you don’t actually need to spend much time training your staff – saving you time and money. Using a conveyor oven to cook your tasty pizzas is simple to use so can be operated by any member of staff.

"Consumers’ desire to cook pizza or Italian food at home as well as the rise of "more adventurous cuisines" is forcing operators to innovate with menu choices and retail formats in order to maintain demand. While the spate of emerging pizza or Italian fads looks to have potential to retain the interest of its core consumer groups, operators must ensure they still cater for those wanting familiar classics." - Trish Caddy, Foodservice Analyst

5. The kit set up can be simple

If you’re just starting out, operating with minimal kit might be an attractive perk of your new business. With some basic Italian pizza franchises, you can launch with just a pizza oven, dough roller, dough mixer, and a fridge. You might even decide to hire these weekly or buy them second hand to keep costs even lower.

Bearing this in mind, you don’t actually need a huge space to operate a thriving Italian pizza business. Even in a small area, as long as you have good ventilation, you should fit all of the necessary equipment in.

Just because your pizza business can be up and running with a simple kit set up, this doesn’t mean you should compromise on flavours. To entice customers to your Italian pizza franchise rather than big Italian-American brands, you need to use top quality ingredients and provide an authentic experience similar to what you’d expect when dining in the countries themselves.

6. Franchising is a less risky route to business ownership

Starting an Italian pizza franchise is easier than you’d think and there are countless benefits of being your own boss - but there is still the financial security of being part of an established franchise. Franchises will provide all the necessary training so you can run the business successfully on your own in no time, and help will never be too far away.

Rather than building up your crust-filled empire from scratch, running a pizza franchise with a well-known brand name means there is already a dedicated customer base, and the security of a trusted company. Opening an Italian pizza franchise in smaller towns could be a great investment opportunity due to there being less competition and lower rent prices.

Italian pizza restaurant industry in the UK

According to a survey carried out in 2018, the average Brit chomps their way through 731 pizzas in their lifetime. Results also showed that one in five of those surveyed described pizza as their favourite food, and that in their lifetime the average pizza-consumer spends £9,725 indulging their cheesy fantasies.

It's also thought that the branded Italian pizza and pasta market in the UK (with businesses that operate from two outlets or more) is worth approximately £2 billion (MCA).

Why not start an Italian pizza franchise?

You should now have a better idea of why starting an Italian pizza franchise is an exciting and lucrative business venture. We have a number of pizza franchises in our UK franchise directory that you can browse. For instance, Wolf offers authentic Italian street food across the UK. Hungry customers can taste the delicious tastes of Italy with its pizzas, pastas and salads.

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