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O’Tacos is a French restaurant chain that sells tacos to consumers across Europe, but predominantly in France and Belgium. Customers can build their own tacos, with 40,000 different ingredient combinations. The brand is famous for its mysterious cheese sauce, the recipe for which it insists will never be revealed to the public.

O’Tacos Menu

The first step when creating your personalised taco is to select the size. O’Tacos offers ‘M’ (single meat portion) for €5; ‘L’ (double meat portion) for €6; ‘XL’ (double tortilla and triple meat portion) for €9; and ‘XXL’ (triple tortilla and quadruple meat portion) for €14. It should be noted, however, that the XXL should only be purchased by brave consumers, as it weighs 2.5 kilograms.

Next, choose from several meat options, all of which are Halal certified: chicken fillet, chicken goujons, nuggets, minced meat, cordon bleu (fried breaded meat with cheese filling) and merguez (spicy sausage). Then, add any extra ingredients, such as cheddar, mozzarella, pastrami, mushrooms, caramelised onions or a potato pancake.

Finish your taco with a sauce. Options include curry sauce, barbeque sauce, harissa, ketchup, mayonnaise and tabasco. Customers can also purchase soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola and Oasis.

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History of the Brand

The O’Tacos story began in 2007, when the idea was first dreamed up by the brand’s creators. In 2010, the first restaurant to introduce O’Tacos as we know it today opened in Bordeaux. The founders had lofty ambitions and by 2013 they had decided they needed to employ a franchise model in order to achieve them. In 2014, O’Tacos officially became a franchise. It began its journey in Paris, but restaurants further afield soon followed. The business’ expansion was rapid and, just one year later, there were 12 O’Tacos restaurants serving tasty tacos to the people of France. By the end of the next year, there were 80 restaurants. These were overseen by the team at the business’ headquarters, which now comprised more than 20 people.

This growth only served to spur on the O’Tacos team, and the brand’s expansion showed no signs of slowing. 2017 was dubbed “the year of explosion” by O’Tacos. By the end of the year, there were 150 points of sale, as well as some outside France, in Belgium and Morocco. The business employed 1,000 employees across its network of restaurants. During the year, it introduced two subsidiary brands at O’Tacos restaurants: O’Salade (selling salads) and O’Gourmet (selling ‘premium’ tacos).

2018 was also an important year for the company. The total number of O’Tacos restaurants rose to 220 and the business formed a partnership with Kharis Capital, a shareholder of Burger King in Belgium, which helped to accelerate the international expansion of the O’Tacos brand. In the same year, the headquarters were moved to Montrouge in southern Paris and the business introduced its very own restaurant school to train new franchisees. What’s more, O’Tacos decided to diversify its offering even further, adding three subsidiary brands to its restaurants: O’Sucre, which sells sweet tacos; O’taglace, which sells customisable ice cream sundaes; and O’Shake, which sells customisable milkshakes.

Today, O’Tacos is a thriving restaurant chain that is known and loved throughout France and Belgium. Its customisable menu, range of dessert options and franchise model has meant it has been able to rapidly expand into new territories – to the delight of its loyal customers.

O’Tacos Paris

Paris is where the O’Tacos brand originated, and the city remains closely tied to the business. There are around 20 O’Tacos restaurants in Paris – the closest of which are just a 22-minute walk away from each other.

O’Tacos Franchise

The statistics demonstrate that O’Tacos has experienced huge success in France in a short space of time. There is no reason why this success can’t be replicated in the UK, particularly given Brits’ love of convenient fast food and the increasing diversity of the food sector. From Asian noodle boxes and Greek gyros to falafel salads and Indian curries, there are so many different food types that have become popular dishes among consumers here in the UK.

O’Tacos is interested in hearing from anyone who would like to become an O’Tacos franchisee and help bring the brand to new territories. The business will provide theoretical and practical training when you first join the company, but you will also be able to rely on the business’ extensive industry experience and marketing power. To get the ball rolling, simply complete the contact form on the O’Tacos website.

Alternative Franchising Options


You only need to look at Subway to see the kind of success a fast food brand could experience by launching its franchise model in the UK. Subway started out life as ‘Pete’s Super Submarines’ in Connecticut in 1965. It was opened by 17-year-old college student, Fred DeLuca with a $1,000 investment given to him by nuclear physicist, Peter Buck. Three years later, the shop became ‘Subway’ and, from humble beginnings, the business went on to become the second biggest food brand in Europe. In fact, it opened 43,000 stores in over 110 countries, many of which were operated by franchisees. The business has seen particular success in the UK and Ireland, where 2,500 outlets are supported by 22 regional offices.

Subway holds many similarities to O’Tacos; although the principal product is different – i.e. sandwiches versus tacos – both brands offer customers the convenience of a food item you can customise to your own requirements and eat ‘on the go’.

If you’re interested in opening your own Subway franchise, click here to find out more. Alternatively, browse other restaurant franchise opportunities on the Point Franchise website.

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