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patisserie valerie franchise

With 95 cafés across the UK, you’ve probably drooled over one of Patisserie Valerie’s window displays at some point. The chain is known for its elegant display of mouth-watering, vibrant desserts, many of which are topped with colourful, fresh fruit.

Patisserie Valerie

Patisserie Valerie is a café chain based in the UK. It specialised in celebration cakes, wedding cakes, afternoon tea, cake slices, tarts, brownies and many more delicious desserts. However, you can also choose from speciality sandwiches, all-day breakfast and brunch, grilled croissants and lunch through to evening meals, including soup, cannelloni, salads and quiche, as well as the finest coffees and teas.

It has strived to achieve an international reputation for serving high-quality, tasty cakes, crafted delicately with the freshest ingredients and employing traditional baking methods. For this reason, they have established a trusted customer base who know they can rely on a reliable and consistent food offering.

History of Patisserie Valerie

The first outlet was opened in Frith Street in Soho, London back in 1926 by the founder, Belgian born Madame Valerie. When she was 26, she travelled to London so she could share her passion for continental patisserie with Brits. It was a great success, and people couldn’t get enough of the tasty treats.

Unfortunately, during World War Two, the original location in Soho was bombed but, dedicated to continuing her fruitful business, Madame Valerie set up a new location on Old Compton Street, only around the corner. This initiated the national expansion of the brand to other high streets dotted around the UK.

Even all those years back, customers appreciated the well-decorated and unique atmosphere of the cafés. And even to this day, there is 1950s inspired décor, walls filled with Terron’s famous Toulouse-Lautrec style cartoons, ambient music and stylish chandeliers. Therefore, Patisserie Valerie offers a beautiful setting to share the most high-quality Patisserie with loved ones.

Despite the company clearly working the past into its dining experience, it also is keen to embrace the new, innovate and keep up to date with what customers expect from a food franchise. Therefore Patisserie Valerie has diversified its offering to incorporate gluten-free options and the popular superfood, avocado.

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Is Patisserie Valerie a franchise?

There isn’t any information on the Patisserie Valerie website to suggest that it is a franchise, hence there are no franchise opportunities with the brand. However, if you are eager to be part of the company, you can join a team of staff of around 2,000 and become an assistant manager, a chef a duty manager, an ecommerce manager, front of house, kitchen staff or store manager. Check out its website to find out more.

Patisserie Valerie Franchise Cost

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information regarding the Patisserie Valerie franchise cost, considering that it isn’t a franchise. However, to get a rough idea, a dessert franchise may set you back between £90,000 and £160,000. This is based on the investment costs for the Little Dessert Shop franchise. The franchise fee for this popular dessert business is £12,995.

Dessert Franchises

Don’t be too disappointed that Patisserie Valerie is not currently looking for franchisees because we have plenty to choose from if you have been tempted into starting your own dessert franchise. Firstly, let’s take a look at the dessert market.

Dessert Industry in the UK

Many of us enjoy finishing off a meal with a sweet treat, or simply enjoying one to celebrate or as a source of comfort. Especially with baking TV shows like ‘The Great British Bake Off’ being more prevalent than ever, the public is tempted to recreate the dishes at home or buy them from dessert companies.

Therefore, the baked goods sector in the UK is valued at an impressive £3.6 billion, according to the Federation of Bakers Ltd, and it is predicted to rise by nine percent by 2020. Also, based on research in 2017, we consume 1.5 billion baked items every year and spend roughly £750 million on chilled desserts (Statista). People are also favouring the occasional high-end dessert rather than eating lower-quality, cheaper alternatives more often, and so opening a dessert franchise that can tempt customer’s taste buds should be a profitable business move.

Franchise Opportunities

Take a look below at one of our dessert franchises currently looking to expand their franchise network in the UK.


Crêpeaffaire is a popular brand that specialises in freshly baked sweet and savoury crêpes. The company is capitalising on the healthy food trend by offering delicious yet healthy alternatives to fast food. The crêpes are crafted with organic flour and natural ingredients, and there are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian options, to cater to all customers’ needs.

Customers can enjoy Crêpeaffaire’s offering of crêpes, waffles, mini pancakes, pastries, muffins, milkshakes, coffee, and juices in one of 17 UK outlets, or they can enjoy them from the comfort of their sofa with its delivery service.

Since its establishment in 2004 in London, there are now locations all over the UK; from Newcastle to Brighton, and overseas in Kuwait and the Netherlands.

If you decided to become part of this brand, you can look forward to a structured training programme and ongoing support. This includes help with site selection and fitting, links to qualified banks that can provide funding, help establishing a local supply chain, an operations manual, marketing support and much more.

Crêpeaffaire is looking for franchisees that are passionate about the brand’s expansion both in the UK and abroad, and so it is keen to work with hard-working, motivated individuals and secure the best locations available.

In order to invest, franchise candidates will need a minimum investment of £130,000 and a total investment of £200,000. The franchise fees are £16,000.

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