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11/09/2018 17:00 | Food franchises

Little Dessert Shop Franchise

If you’ve always had a little bit of a sweet tooth, a Little Dessert Shop franchise may be the perfect business for you. Having only been around for a couple of years, the franchise has already developed a strong and loyal customer base and is expected to expand rapidly over the coming years.

Franchise background

Founded in 2014, the Little Dessert Shop was an instant success, expanding across the Midlands and opening a number of branches in local towns and cities. Having established a presence in West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, and Wednesfield, the business decided to adopt the franchising model and aim for much greater UK and international expansion.

In 2016, the company chose to take advantage of the obvious interest in its products and brand, and began actively searching for new franchisees to add to the team. The franchise has now opened 14 stores in total and there are a large number of locations waiting for final confirmation. Amongst these proposed stores are locations in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, and Blackpool. While the Little Dessert Shop has had a predominately regional focus so far, the geographical diversity of these stores demonstrates the extent of its ambition.

Industry context

One of the most appealing aspects of the Little Dessert Shop business model is its positioning in a relatively young industry. Dessert-only dining is a new concept that’s proven extremely popular in large cosmopolitan areas (where trendy dessert bars have received a lot of attention) but has yet to be rolled out on a national scale. In this respect, the Little Dessert Shop is ahead of the game and should be considered a market leader.

As a whole, the baked goods industry is worth approximately £4 billion and continues to grow year on year. Approximately 1.5 billion sweet baked items are consumed every year in the UK, and this figure will only increase as the dessert sector matures. One of the most exciting trends in the baked goods industry is the move away from supermarket products towards specialist or artisan retailers. This switch from mass-produced supermarket items to a high-quality product crafted by experts means that there’s a gap in the market for a franchise that’s capable of delivering excellent sweets, under the right branding.

Little Dessert Shop basics

The Little Dessert Shop serves beautifully made desserts in comfortable and stylish surroundings. It purposefully fosters a sense of personal indulgence and luxury by incorporating glamorous and extravagant fittings into the store design and encouraging the perception that every visit to a Little Dessert Shop location is an “experience.” The franchise’s brand depends on recognising the fact that a dessert-only restaurant is extravagant and appeals to the modern “treat-yourself” consumer mentality.

Franchisees can open one of three types of Little Dessert Shop locations. This includes a larger restaurant shop, a café store, and an express store. While restaurants seat around 80 customers, cafés have room for around 30, and express stores prioritise takeaway service, making them ideally suited to train stations, airports, and shopping centres. The business offers a wide range of products, including brownies, bakes, crepes, gelato, milkshakes, pastries, shakes, sundaes, and waffles, among other sweet treats. Excellent presentation of the final product is paramount, as these are the type of dishes that appeal to social media users and those that are likely to Instagram their food. The success of the Little Dessert Shop brand will depend on individual franchisee's abilities to encourage this type of sharing and adopt a social media marketing approach.

What level of investment is required?

In order to own a Little Dessert Shop franchise in the UK, you'll need to raise anywhere between £90,000 and £160,000, depending on the type of store you want to open. This includes the lease on a property, the equipment, fitting, and all of the necessary franchise fees. The total franchise fee is set at £12,995 and franchisees are required to pay a monthly royalty of 5% of gross turnover and a marketing fee of 1% of gross turnover. These relatively low start-up costs make the Little Dessert Shop one of the most affordable food franchises on the market and an enticing investment opportunity.

What do franchisees get in return for their investment?

In return for your investment, franchisees will be granted access to a series of tested and proven business systems, processes, and procedures. The Little Dessert Shop has had a number of years to refine and improve its franchise package and is now considered one of the most attractive and appealing offers around. Guidance is provided throughout the initial set up period, with support supplied for the business planning, shop fitting, training, marketing, and launch stages.

All franchisees are granted the rights to an exclusive territory and, once signed, the franchise agreement establishes a term of five years. This can be renewed at the end of the period. Ongoing support is also provided by the central Little Dessert Shop franchising team, who will always be on hand to help franchisees with any difficulties they experience.

What kind of franchisee is Little Dessert Store looking for?

The franchise is looking for individuals who are highly motivated, organised, and determined to succeed. Applicants must demonstrate an eye for detail and understand the company philosophy. All franchisees need to be able communicators, who are capable of managing a small team and interacting with customers in the correct way. This means maintaining the right attitude and communicating the right values, even in the face of adversity.

At times, running a Little Dessert Shop franchise is tough and franchisees can expect to work long hours, particularly during the first year of ownership. However, the business can be extremely personally satisfying, as well as financially rewarding.


The Little Dessert Shop has a lot going for it. As one of the market leaders in a growing sector, it is perfectly poised to expand rapidly on both a national and international scale. If you're looking to get into an exciting investment on the ground floor, this is your opportunity.

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