Brits Love Bread: Taste Success With One of Our Top Five Bakery Franchises

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Bakery franchise opportunities UK

Bread sales are on the up for the first time in three years, according to Nielsen data, thanks to a change in consumer eating habits. The "no-carbs" diet trend adopted in recent years has seen sales of loaves decline significantly, but things are looking up for bakers.

With Facebook and Instagram crammed full of photos of smashed avocado on toast it appears that bread is well and truly back on the menu. And its partly down to this modern meal why the number of households buying bread from supermarkets has increased to the highest level seen during the past five years.

In fact, the value of the UK bread and baked goods market is forecast to reach a whopping £4.4 billion in 2022, which is an increase of 7.5% in just four years.

Bakery franchise opportunities

The fact that Brits are falling in love with bread again is great news if youre considering opening a franchise selling carbohydrate treats from sandwiches and bagels to sweet buns and doughnuts.

If you think youve got what it takes, here is some information about our top five bakery franchise opportunities:

Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner franchise
Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner is a successful French Bagel restaurant concept.

500,000 Minimum investment
Master Franchise
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Created in France at the beginning of 2010, Bagel Corner already has a network of around 30 outlets, ranging from kiosks to full-size restaurants. The focus, unsurprisingly, is bagels, made to order and in front of the customer (a similar operating model to Subway). However, their unique selling point is that customers can pre-order online and then pick up their bagel from the restaurant, avoiding queueing especially at peak periods.

Bagel Corner aims to have 100 outlets across Europe, the UK and Scandinavia by 2020, so currently there are plenty of franchise deals on the table for entrepreneurs. If youre considering opening a franchise with this growing brand, then youll need to make a significant investment. Although the franchise fee is only £15,000 plus VAT, the minimum investment required is £500,000.

Baguette Express

Baguette Express is a Scottish based business which was founded in 1999 taking a fresh approach to healthy snacking. Now one of the most popular franchises in the UK, there are now more than 70 stores up and down the UK. The brand has also expanded with franchises in Dubai and Ireland.

The business offers freshly prepared food to customers who cant afford to wait. As well as providing fast food, Baguette Express offer choice too as customers can create their own sandwich which is made while they wait.

You dont need to have any prior experience in the industry to open a Baguette Express franchise as youll receive all the training you need. Youll be expected to invest a minimum of £20,000 to £35,000 with total costs ranging from £55,000 to £100,000 depending on the package you choose to purchase. For this relatively low investment, you can join one of the fastest growing franchises and run a profitable business.

Dunkin Donuts

Established in 1950, Dunkin' Donuts has grown from a small coffee shop in Boston to become one of the most popular franchises globally with more than 11,000 restaurants in 33 countries. Specialising in good quality coffee and delicious doughnuts, its easy to see why five million people visit Dunkin Donuts stores around the world.

However, only the most ambitious of entrepreneurs should apply to become a Dunkin Donuts franchisee. This exciting brand is looking for prospective franchisees who have the drive and desire to open a minimum of 20 restaurants over an agreed period.

Opening a franchise with Dunkin Donuts requires a significant financial investment too. Youll need access to liquid assets amounting to approximately £1.2m and a net worth of around £2.3m. Due to the size of the investment and obligation to open multiple units, it would be preferential for you to have previous experience in the foodservice industry. Having excellent negotiation skills to secure popular locations would also be beneficial, and a long-term commitment to the brand is a must.


In 1985, the Cinnabon concept was created by a father and his son who had the vision to develop the worlds greatest cinnamon roll. After perfecting the recipe, their first store was opened in 1998. Now with 1,300 stores offering customers delicious and distinctive baked goods in a friendly and welcoming environment, the brand has aspirations of expansion.

To become part of one of the most popular franchises on the high street, youll need to have previous experience in the food service management sector and local expertise in real estate. Having know-how in marketing, human resources, project management, and supply chain is also desirable too.

To open a Cinnabon store or kiosk, youll need to fund the initial investment of £23,000 and a total investment of £139,200. You must also have the commitment and dedication to open several locations as detailed in the development schedule.


This fun and exciting bakery franchise offer all-day brunch and desserts in a range of different settings. From stores located on the high-street to kiosks situated in airports, stadiums and service stations, there are franchise opportunities available to suit all pockets. With a mouth-watering menu crammed with sweet and savoury treats, the franchise can cater to all customer tastes too.

Youll also benefit from an extensive training programme that will provide you with all the knowledge needed to run a profitable business. Youll receive theoretical business training at the Wafflemeister Academy', as well as vital hands-on experience in the different types of stores. And before launch, a senior member of the coaching team will visit you for five days to iron out any kinks before the grand store opening.

From a financial perspective, the franchise fee is £15,000 plus VAT with the total cost ranging from £75,000 to £200,000 depending on the size and location of your store. Youll also need an element of working capital too.

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