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B2B franchising is something of a buzzword at the moment. Take a look at any franchising website or industry publication, and you're likely to find an article on the benefits of B2B franchising. But what does B2B franchising actually mean and who are the big business to watch out for? Here, we take an in-depth look at the B2B phenomenon.

What are B2B sales?

B2B stands for "business to business" and pertains to those products, services, and businesses that deal with other companies or are intended for business use. This can be contrasted with B2C (business to customer) companies which aim their products and services at individual customers and consumers.

B2B businesses come in many shapes and sizes. They can offer training services to other companies, operate their recruitment processes, or advise on their financial processes. In the case of B2B sales, they sell products to other businesses. These can be parts, tools, equipment, supplies, or marketing materials.

B2B sales jobs

Depending on the industry, B2B franchises will either supply their business customers with a diverse array of products or specialise in a niche product. For instance, a B2B marketing company may offer their clients products that include leaflets, brochures, signs, branded stationery, clothing, or digital advertising guidance.

A B2B company that sells tools and equipment to mechanics is likely to maintain a large inventory that also includes cleaning and maintenance products. Alternatively, a B2B manufacturer may specialise in the development of a single component thats used in the manufacturing of luxury vehicles.

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The B2B sales industry

The B2B sales industry has always played an essential role in the modern economy, but large-scale changes are making it even more central to the economic wellbeing of western nations. One of the biggest drivers of these changes is the internet and e-commerce.

The internet has radicalised the B2B industry by creating a demand for niche digital knowledge and expertise. Many businesses are still working out how to make the most of digital technology and require the help of trained professionals to do so. This has resulted in a boom in B2B digital marketing, software development, and analytics companies.

However, there's also a diverse array of B2B franchises succeeding outside of the digital sphere. In most cases, they do so because they're able to offer their business clients high-quality products at affordable rates by being highly specialised.

The top 5 B2B sales franchises

The quantity of B2B franchises trying to make it in increasingly competitive markets is astounding. However, the quality of offering varies enormously between different franchises. Consequently, we thought it a good idea to offer up our top five B2B franchise opportunities in the UK.

1. Activ Net Marketing

Activ Net is one of the best-established digital marketing franchises in the UK and now boasts a network of at least 25 franchisees. The team has accumulated over 11 years of experience and understands what it takes to deliver high-quality B2B products and build a business' reputation. Activ Net primarily focuses on supplying businesses with attractive and intuitive web designs that satisfy both their clients and their clients customers.

To become a franchisee, it's necessary to invest a minimum initial investment of approximately £9,995. This grants you access to the business' web design software, enrolment on a thorough training course, and ongoing support from the franchisor's development team.

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2. Mac Tools

Mac Tools are a U.S. import that benefits from excellent brand reach and one of the most comprehensive franchise packages available on the market. With more than 58 years of experience in the UK market, the organisation has had plenty of time to perfect their franchise model and put an effective support system in place. All franchisees are provided with an exclusive territory consisting of enough business customers to sustain a successful franchise. As a van-based franchise, Mac Tools allows for greater flexibility and better work/life balance, too.

A total investment of around £50,000 is necessary to become a Mac Tools franchisee. This will buy you everything you need to get your business off the ground, including the van, stock, training, marketing materials, and business supplies, amongst other things.


If you enjoy a little creativity in your work, you may want to consider a FASTSIGNS franchise. Specialising in the design, manufacture, and installation of business signage, FASTSIGNS is one of the UK's leading sign manufacturers. Boasting more than 675 franchise units, across ten countries, the franchise is now a global phenomenon, with its business model a proven successful in multiple international markets.

To become a FASTSIGNS franchisee, a total of investment of £120,000 is necessary. This will buy you a protected territory and assistance selecting a premises, as well as both practical, product-based and business management training. The franchisor will also help you with your grand opening and provide you with ongoing support as you attempt to grow your business.

4. Minuteman Press

Though Minuteman Press isn't exclusively B2B, the vast majority of their services are aimed at business customers. The company focuses on providing its clients with high-quality print and marketing products, ranging from shop signs to brochures and leaflets. In recent years, the franchise has focused on updating the technology at its franchisees' disposal, ensuring that they're able to stay abreast of the latest industry developments.

A Minuteman Press will cost approximately £84,000, though this figure is likely to change based on the location and size of the business premises. Excellent training is provided to all franchisees, and they'll also benefit from the resources of one of the most experienced franchisors in the business.

5. Snap-on

Snap-on retail precision engineered tools to business customers around the country. Focusing on providing automotive equipment and tools to mechanics, the franchise is van-based and involves franchisees taking their wares to the numerous potential customers situated in each of their extensive territories.

A minimum investment of £16,000 is necessary to get a Snap-on franchise off the ground, though the total cost is likely to be more than £100,000. The franchise offers in-house financing options to those who require financial assistance.

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