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In the world of franchising, the most common demographic to aim at is the general public. By choosing a franchise that appeals to everyone, you have a higher chance of expanding your customer base and spreading further out into the open market.

However, by limiting your franchise to target a specific audience (and in particular a business audience) can have its plus points too. B2B franchises benefit from having a warm lead marketplace, as well as more targeted marketing opportunities. From stationery supplies to IT management, B2B franchises do well, thanks to the ability to focus on a smaller but more receptive marketplace. Heres a selection of the best B2B franchising opportunities, and a look at why theyve been so successful.

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From the name, you can guess what this particularly successful franchise offers. It specialises in providing businesses with strategic cost management services. The company has been operational for over 20 years, and currently has 160 business management specialists looking after 3,000 clients from a variety of different sectors.

This is a franchise for serious professionals. Auditel takes the cream of the business world and through ongoing training (78 days training a year for an extended support period of 5 years), turns them into financial experts with the ability to review a business finance, and then provide the client with methods to accelerate their business performance.

Auditel have been shortlisted for Franchise of the Year, are full members of the British Franchise Association, and have been awarded the bfas Franchisee Support Award. They provide a franchise thats scalable, with a format that makes it easy to transfer your existing skills into their model. The franchise comes with a full range of analytical tools, and the training to be able to use them effectively.

Initial minimal investment: £20,000 (70% of which can be provided by lenders)
Total investment: £37,950
Royalty fee payable: 12.5% of gross revenue

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Activ Net Marketing

No business can exist without a website these days. While there may be a gazillion SEO and online marketing analysts out there, theres one name that tends to stand head and shoulders above one-man-operations and local webmasters, and that's Activ Net Marketing. Activ Net is the grand-daddy of online marketing franchises and has a solid reputation in the business community.

That gives its franchisees a significant advantage in what is a very crowded marketplace. There's no need to be a webmaster with half a dozen programming languages under your belt as Activ Net focuses on the SEO and social media marketing side of things, rather than the nuts-and-bolts web development. Activ Net provides all franchisees with in-depth training and ongoing support, enabling franchisees to tap into the 35% of UK businesses who still don't have a web presence.

It's a low-overhead business plan that can be operated from home, so expensive costs such as premises are avoided. However, you will need to get out and about' to talk to local businesses within your franchise patch and have the drive and creativity to make the business work.

Initial investment: £9,995

Driver Hire

Logistics is a huge sector, with the vast majority of UK goods being hauled by road. That means haulage and logistics companies are always on the lookout for good drivers. Rather than spending money advertising themselves, they prefer to use dedicated employment agencies to find qualified and experienced drivers for them. This is where Driver Hire comes in.

With three decades of successful operations behind them and five Franchisor of the Year awards, Driver Hire is a trusted and respected brand that has powerful connections to some of the largest hauliers in the UK. Franchisees run their own office-based recruitment business, specialising in providing the logistics industry with temporary and permanent drivers, as well as other logistics staff. With a marketplace thats worth over £32billion, and an average annual turnover of £1.18million per office (compared to the UK franchise average of £378,000) Driver Hire franchises are highly desirable and very, very profitable.

Franchisees get a fully-supported 6-week training period and ongoing support, including specialist teams to help with everything from HR to PR. No previous experience in the recruitment business is required.

Minimum Investment: £35,000
Operating fee: 8% of turnover
Projected revenue after two years: £300,000

Post & Packing

If there's one thing that businesses who send out products need, it's P&P. How much you charge your customers for postage and packaging can make or break a company, so minimising costs and getting everything in one place is a big business USP. Post & Packing is a post shop for businesses and retail outlets that provides easy access to a big range of logistic services including courier services, order fulfilment, storage services, archiving, and post box rental. It may seem like a relatively unglamorous aspect of everyday business life, but P&P can make or break a business. This e-commerce B2B franchise acts primarily as a portal between companies and postal services of all kinds.

B2B e-commerce examples dont come much simpler than this, or more effective. Because every business will need these types of services at some point in their operations, theres a huge marketplace to tap into, as well as a solid franchise brand thats trusted throughout the business community. Ongoing training is offered, and funding support is available.

Minimum initial investment; £25,000

Business Doctors

This consultancy franchise is designed to help small businesses optimise their performance. The franchise is low-overhead, high return, and has a strong brand identity within the business sector. Business Doctors essentially act as trouble-shooters for businesses, helping them streamline their operations and become more profitable.

Franchisees will need a solid business background, preferably in management. Previous experience in consultancy is not a prerequisite, as full support and initial training are provided.

Initial investment costs: £39,500
Support funding available: Yes (up to 70% of working costs, depending on your financial history)
Royalty fee: 6% of the net turnover


B2B franchises, including B2B e-commerce franchise opportunities, are ideal for those who have a good business background and would prefer the more streamlined B2B marketplace compared to the more crowded B2C one. While opportunities are more limited, they do tend to generate high returns in a relatively short time. For those who prefer not to take on a B2C franchise, B2B opportunities can offer both office-based and home-based formats, dealing with everything from consultancy and recruitment through to something as basic but utterly essential as postage.

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