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B2B franchise information

When considering a B2B franchise, you may be surprised at the number of opportunities that are available and how many benefits are associated with owning a business franchise.

Advantages of a B2B franchise

A business franchise tends to be profitable for the franchisee and the franchisor, and the clients that they both serve benefit too. Just a couple of the advantages are:

Market stability

Whereas customer fads and trends change almost constantly, B2B sectors tend to evolve at a much slower pace. A sale may take longer to get, but once a relationship has been secured it will last a lot longer than a retail customer. In fact, B2B consumers often agree to long-term contracts to obtain preferential rates. Such agreements can enable franchisees to produce more accurate financial projections.

Increased customer loyalty

After a connection with a buyer has been established and franchisees have demonstrated their dependability as a supplier, a commitment is usually made by both parties to continue the relationship. B2B buyers cannot afford to switch from one to supplier to another like an individual purchaser can choose to do. It is both expensive and time consuming for business buyers to change suppliers on a regular basis. As long as franchisees consistently provide a quality service to their buyers, then loyalty is a valuable benefit of owning a business franchise.

B2B franchise opportunities

So, if opening a franchise in the B2B sector appeals to you, here are some opportunities for you to consider.


Opening a franchise with the Brokerplan Network Program youll get the chance to offer your clients access to a wide range of basic financial products and services. These are provided by over 250 UK based lenders with whom Brokerplan have developed a solid working relationship.

Your role will be to help other small and medium-sized businesses secure business loans, buy to let mortgages, development finance and asset leasing, to name a few. Previous financial services experience is not necessary as youll be given all the training you need. You just need to have the confidence to work with owners and managers of SME companies and a passion for building your own profitable and sustainable business.

Mail Boxes Etc.

A franchise with Mail Boxes Etc. post, parcel and print network gives you the opportunity to be part of a recognised and reputable brand with a growing network of 160 stores across the UK and Ireland. The one-stop-shop concept offers convenience and expertise for small business owners, as well as the general public.

Offering services such as parcel delivery (both local and international), along with expert packing; design, print and copy; office and stationery supplies; and mailbox rental; a Mail Boxes Etc. franchise will cater perfectly to the needs of SMEs in your community.

So, whatever your background, Mail Boxes Etc. will give you all the training, set-up support and ongoing back-up you need to get your business going and make a success of it.


Certax provides a wide range of services to both individuals and businesses. Specialising in accounting, bookkeeping, auditing and financial advice; Certax services are committed to meeting the needs of their clients with professionalism and expertise.

Certax is unique in that it offers the chance for franchisees without previous accountancy experience or qualifications to open their own professional accounting business. Depending on your level of knowledge, you can purchase one of four packages. For complete novices, there is the full accountant's package which provides franchisees with a month-long training programme designed to teach them everything about the accounting industry.

For qualified accountants, franchisees will receive a quick three-day course centred on teaching aspects of Certaxs proven business model, while franchisees opting for the bookkeeping package will attend a one-week course. Theres also an option for qualified accountants to select the self-study package so that they can learn all about the business model from the comfort of their own home.

World Options

World Options offers small and medium-sized businesses a world-class parcel delivery service via an online portal. This not only saves effort, time and money but enables entrepreneurs to concentrate on running their business.

Opening a franchise with World Options will see you take on the responsibility of acquiring new business clients to use the online portal. Youll build relationships and help them to place orders online and activate an account which then secures them as your client. Following this, the business model is simple: the more parcels your client ships using the portal, the more money you make.

Because of the simplicity of the model, theres no requirement for you to have any prior experience in the courier sector. Of course, having a sales background may help, but all the information and skills you need to become a successful franchisee will be provided in the initial training and ongoing coaching thats available. You just need a willingness to learn, determination to succeed and the time and effort to put into the work.

Business Doctors

Becoming a Business Doctors franchisee does epitomise helping SMEs while helping your own business to grow. Business Doctors provide firms with a range of programmes designed to help them create compelling plans, improve the efficiency of their organisation, involve their staff in critical business decisions and take control of their supply chain.

Franchisees are trained and equipped to deliver packaged Business Doctors programmes. This gives you the rewarding opportunity to share your own experience to help other businesses achieve the success they desire.

You'll enjoy both the flexibility and freedom that comes with being a business owner while receiving the support and backing from a national franchise support team that is part and parcel of being a Business Doctors franchisee. The best of both worlds while helping other small and medium-sized businesses succeed too perfect.

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