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We are thrilled to acquire the event entertainment franchise DIGI-SPORTS as a member of our network this week.

DIGI-SPORTS is an innovative and original concept created by Remi Gilberton in 2015 that provides sports entertainment products with a digital composition. The game franchise boasts successful growth within the last five years and has gained impressive references from companies such as Renault, Deloitte, FIFA and UEFA.

The franchise has developed widespread international partnerships across the globe, as well as exclusive partnerships within the French territory. Within the last year and a half, more than 51 franchisees have joined the brand in delivering the dynamic game concept to a diverse client base.

This is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to work either full-time or part-time within the sport and entertainment sectors. Due to its authentic and unrivalled presence in the market, DIGI-SPORTS offers an attractive business plan to prospective franchisees. With a low investment requirement and high-profit margin forecast, franchisees can expect to see lucrative results from the brand’s contemporary business model.

DIGI-SPORTS operates in a market with incredible potential. As an events-based franchise, the flexibility among a client base offers entrepreneurial freedom when choosing where to work. Franchisees can expect to receive comprehensive training and support in areas such as logistics and handling, pricing approach, and customer presentation prior to service roll-out.

The ideal DIGI-SPORTS franchisee will have economical and financial experience as well as managerial capabilities. Business skills are essential, along with skills in event organisation and presentation. This opportunity is ideal for project managers and events professionals looking to modernise their services and develop an exclusive clientele. The fun and flexible concept is also available to candidates looking to create an extra source of revenue additional to their primary source of income.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity and details about franchisee fees and expected revenue, find DIGI-SPORTS’ profile page via our directory of franchise opportunities.

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