Game franchise opportunities

What other product offering has seized imaginations and purse strings with such global impact as the games market? The worldwide audience for games is now believed to between 2.2 and 2.6 billion people. It's a sector valued at $101.1 billion but projected to grow to $128.5 billion by the end of 2020.

Which makes it a very exciting time for the UK games industry and for anyone considering investing in a game franchise. The UK is a hotbed of game development talent - by June 2017, active games companies totalled 2,141. This is just one part of the success story. The UK has also been at the forefront of merchandising opportunities producing everything from specialist gaming chairs to character lunchboxes. How do you become a player in the lucrative games market? For many ambitious entrepreneurs, the answer is a game franchise.

Playing the long game in franchising

One of the biggest advantages of being a franchisee of an established brand in gaming is that you can be your own boss but never entirely alone.

The franchiser provides a proven business model and help with everyday issues such as marketing and legal requirements. They use their considerable buying power to negotiate favourable deals on websites, equipment and products, helping you to increase your profit margins.

Wide range of game franchise ideas

This sector has both creativity and technology as its hallmarks. So there is a diverse range of opportunities for game franchise start-ups. This could include, for example, a mobile gaming partnership with Play Capital or a CeX franchise to buy and sell used games and other technology.

Or jump into the emerging Virtual Reality market with a business partnership from VR Here. For a niche business idea in gaming, how about a Game Wagon, a party bus for young people who are devotees.

Hunting down game franchise deals

With such a large and innovative market to go after, get a boost in tracking down the right game franchise for you. Put us on your team to work towards a successful start-up.

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