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A fast-growing and exciting franchise, DIGI-SPORTS’ exclusive multi-functional interactive wall is well-suited to any event, from birthdays to weddings to team building events.

This event franchise’s innovative wall has various uses and applications, including reflex and memory tests, team-building exercises, and various sport-related challenges.

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DIGI-SPORTS has been used by prestigious international clients, including UEFA, FIFA, Deloitte, and Paris Saint Germain football club. Now, it’s welcoming ambitious franchisees to their fast-growing network.

What’s makes the DIGI-SPORTS franchise unique?

DIGI-SPORTS’ interactive wall has quickly established itself as an industry-leading fusion of technology and sport that’s:

  • Flexible: It can be operated anywhere as a part-time or full-time business.
  • Inclusive: Anyone can play, regardless of age, skills, or physical ability.
  • Innovative: A new way of approaching team-building, seminars, and parties.
  • Cutting-edge: Using exciting technology in a never-before-seen way.
  • Interactive: Directly places the player at the heart of the games and challenges they are involved in.
  • Attractive: With a combination of sound, visual, tracking, and colourful features, the wall is attractive to both players and onlookers, making it a mobile billboard for your business.
  • Effortless to operate: The wall plugs into a simple power socket, can be set up in 30 minutes and can be moved if necessary on a wheeled base. There are two versions of the wall (large and standard) and can fit into as little as4m2 of floor space.
  • High performance: The wall supports up to 1,500 players per day in short, high-intensity rounds.
  • Fully customisable: A variety of game durations, LED colours, responsive sounds, and the possibility of a remote screen with top scorers.



Training and support provided

What support is on offer?

DIGI-SPORTS offers comprehensive training and support for all franchisees, including:

  • Entertainment support
  • Customer presentation
  • Logistics and handling
  • Competitive pricing
  • Sales support
  • Dedicated support via email and telephone hotlines


Who are DIGI-SPORTS looking for?

DIGI-SPORTS would love to hear from experienced potential franchisees, whether you’re an experienced business development professional looking to enter the events, entertainment, and sports sector or an events professional or venue looking to add something new.

As a franchisee, you will enjoy a turnkey product that can be used immediately and does not require a large investment. Potential franchisees will need to make a minimum investment of £9,000, with expected revenue in two years of £100,000.ion, and entertainment venues can use it both in their establishments and on the move to provide entertainment and promote your brand.


DIGI-SPORTS is a registered trademark. Its growth trajectory within the last five years has been impressive. It has also been featured in famous venues such as Roland Garros, Stade de France, and Parc des Princes. After first developing international agreements in 2017 (in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Morocco, UAE, Dubai, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Israel), the brand began establishing exclusive partnerships in France from 2018. DIGI-SPORTS enjoyed immediate success and popularity and has subsequently seen exciting growth within the last five years.

There are now 55 DIGI-SPORTS partners worldwide, many of whom have joined the network within the last year and a half. If you think you could be the ideal DIGI-SPORTS franchisee, you can find out more about the franchise by clicking the ‘request information’ button above.

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