DIGI-SPORTS’ interactive wall provides safe, flexible entertainment

DIGI-SPORTS ® NETWORK A fast-growing and exciting franchise, DIGI-SPORTS’ exclusive multi-functional interactive wall is well-suited to any event, from birthdays to weddings to team building events.

This event franchise’s innovative wall has various uses and applications, including reflex and memory tests, team-building exercises, and various sport-related challenges.

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DIGI-SPORTS' interactive, animated tool can be used in open, outdoor spaces, making it the perfect addition to a Covid-safe function.

The wall, which features a fun and customisable digital game with several different modes, was first conceptualised in 2015 by travel and leisure franchise, DIGI-SPORTS. Since then, the franchise has grown and developed a huge amount, becoming an international operation. Today, DIGI-SPORTS is proud to have 55 partners on board.

The interactive digital wall is fully adjustable. Users can select LED colours, length of play, sound effects, and much more. An external screen can also be added to the arrangement, displaying live game scores. 

The wall has several key applications in the world of business and franchising. The wall can:

Showcase your company’s branding. 

The side panels which surround the game are fully customisable to your specifications. This kind of advertising could be extremely valuable for your business, particularly if the wall was then set up in a public space with a lot of foot traffic. Eyes on your brand equals potential future customers.

Facilitate team-building exercises at company events and retreats.

Inject some competitive fun into company retreats using this versatile, well-designed product. The game requires no previous knowledge or physical expertise, and can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone who wants to take part.

Make advertising and promotion feel engaging and fun for your potential customers.

Just as the wall might improve a company event, it can bring fresh and disarming fun to the public, too. Enjoy the best of both worlds - promote your business directly to potential customers, while potential customers genuinely enjoy themselves. 

Discover more about DIGI-SPORTS using the link at the top of this page.

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