UK-based franchisee Louis Malta-Bey shares his DIGI-SPORTS experience

DIGI-SPORTS ® NETWORK The Interactive Wall

DIGI-SPORTS®, an event specialist, offers a fun concept using an exclusive interactive wall with several functions (i.e. reflexe, memory…). Multiple applications : sports (football, tennis, rugby, basketball, golf, fencing, handball, archery…) and entertainment (challenges, team building…). To enhance events organised by companies, local authorities, sports clubs, and also individuals (weddings, birthdays…).

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After eight years and counting as a DIGI-SPORTS franchisee, Louis shared his exciting, varied experiences of working with DIGI-SPORTS.

Before joining the growing events company, Louis travelled extensively for work. He worked with small companies and big brands, helping businesses grow internationally. Now, he’s based in Cambridgeshire, using all that expertise and experience in his role as a DIGI-SPORTS franchisee. DIGI-SPORTS’ interactive wall is inclusive, innovative and unique, and it can be used for a range of purposes, from team-building retreats to wedding receptions.

Discussing DIGI-SPORTS, Louis praised the accessible, affordable opportunities for investment that the business provides. Potential franchisees must invest a minimum of £9,000, with the investment total standing at £16,000. And when asked about his experience working for the entertainment franchise, Louis said, 

“Coming from the hospitality industry, I have found some real commonalities with DIGI-SPORTS’ product, because in the end, it’s not about the interactive wall, it’s all about creating emotions, getting people involved, having a togetherness.” 

Louis also praised the strong support on offer to franchisees from head office - support creating a strategy, working out a plan of action, and implementing this plan. He’s felt connected and assisted each step of the way.

Louis believes that, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are rethinking their careers and resetting their professional goals. And for those wondering what to do next, he highly recommends a career as a DIGI-SPORTS franchisee. The company has found an exciting niche within an extremely viable industry, and with 55 franchisees currently working with DIGI-SPORTS, its growth seems set to continue.

If you’re interested in investing in this unique interactive wall with multiple applications, you can find out more about starting a DIGI-SPORTS franchise via its profile page.

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