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Sandler Training has been sharing how your social media profile can affect how appealing you are to potential employers.

Global business training franchise Sandler Training has been sharing how a social media presence can easily be a positive asset or a huge turn off for employers.

In an article for the Oklahoman, which discussed the dos and donts of maintaining a social media profile that wont scare off potential employers, Sandler Training franchisee Mike Crandall offered his opinion on how to make your profile work.

The article revealed that, in a survey by CareerBuilder, 70% of hiring managers check out candidates profiles on social media prior to offering them a position and that a shocking 57% of those surveyed had found content that stopped them hiring an otherwise qualified candidate. This included things such as revealing photographs in work wear, evidence of excessive drinking or drug use, discriminatory comments, posting negative things about previous jobs or colleagues or even unprofessional profile names.

However, Crandall, who runs his own Sandler Training branch in Oklahoma, notes that social media screening isnt always negative and that often employers simply want to learn more about the candidate away from the stressful environment of an interview. He said:

Social media allows us to see things like what matters to job seekers, where they check in, and how they interact with others. All of these things can help us learn what this person is like when not in the spotlight of the interview.

He added that no social media presence can also harm a candidates chances, as the survey also found that not being able to locate a candidate online would make almost half of recruiters less likely to contact them.

With over 250 offices across 27 countries, Sandler Training is one of the worlds largest business training franchises. It offers coaching in areas such as sales, management and leadership for organisations of all sizes, to help make good staff the very best they can be.

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