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Sandler Training franchise
Sandler Training Sales Training and Consultancy Franchise

Sandler franchisees offer resources, training and solutions to sales managers and business leaders that help transform their companies and drive their sales. The brand is renowned globally for its successful systems.

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Sandler Training has been celebrating the news that its average UK franchisee turnover is set to exceed £200,000 later this year.

Training franchise Sandler Training has revealed that its average UK franchisee turnover will soon be more than £200,000, based on the results it’s had from the first six months of 2019. What’s more, it even included franchisees that have been operating for less than 12 months, making the results even more impressive. It shows that even those who are new to the business can generate an impressive turnover quickly.

The franchise believes that the strength of its partnerships, which include LinkedIn, Evernote and Harvard Business School, have helped the international brand establish itself well in the UK.

Shaun Thomson, Sandler Training’s UK CEO, said:

“I am sure we have all heard the maxim ‘turnover is vanity, profit is sanity’, and the great thing about Sandler is we have very high profit margins, with a gross margin of 85%.”

Fiona Thomson, UK Operations Director, explained why Sandler Training has such great potential for its franchisees to generate high turnovers.

“If an overseas franchisee is working with a client with a UK presence, we can train their teams here locally, without the need for them to fly back to their head office. And they’re getting training relevant to their local UK marketplace too. Our systems are designed to facilitate this collaboration both nationally and internationally, they work brilliantly and our franchisees really enjoy being part of something bigger while still running their own business. The results are there for all to see. It’s so rewarding seeing people leave the corporate world behind and earning more than they did, running a business they love.”

Franchisee Berkeley Harris, who runs the Bristol location of Sandler Training, explained why becoming part of the network was a great financial decision.

“Having an 80% client retention rate delivers ongoing residual income and means I devote less time to winning new clients, so I have more time to help existing clients to succeed. Everybody benefits.”

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