Media franchise opportunities

The UK media industry includes traditional media, such as TV and paper print newspapers, as well as more modern forms of media like the internet and social media. The entertainment and media sector already represents a huge opportunity, growth is expected to continue at a very fast rate for at least the next few years.

Media industry opportunities

Media is an umbrella term. It incorporates many different sub-industries. News media generated nearly £6bn in revenue for the UK economy in 2015, but this is dwarfed by the advertising industry, which is worth triple that amount: £18bn. What’s more, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport revealed in July 2016 that creative professionals and businesses within the creative industry are contributing £84bn a year to the economy.

Mobile, TV, internet, and social media remain some of the strongest sub-sectors of the industry, but e-gaming and virtual/augmented reality are expected to contribute significantly more in the coming years.

Business View Publishing, Platinum Business Partners, and Dor-2-Dor offer attractive B2B media franchise opportunities. Opportunities abound within the consumer sector, too. AboutMyArea enables you to establish a media community that concentrates on your local area, while SkyCam combines technology and media by enabling franchise owners to make money with their own drone franchise.

The benefits of media franchises

Buying a franchise represents a convenient means of hitting the business ground running. For your investment, you are not only able to trade on the brand name and its existing reputation, but you will also be provided with the training, the tools, and the guidance that you need in order to give your new business the best possible chance of success.

The media franchise industry is not only home to traditional bricks-and-mortar business opportunities, it is also one of the most convenient markets to enter, if you are looking for a franchise that you can run from your home office or spare bedroom.

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