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Papa Johnís is making its menu more inclusive for all dietary requirements by introducing dairy-free sweet treats.

Vegan food is becoming more popular than ever and many restaurants are introducing lots of delicious plant-based options to cater for the growing numbers of people who chose not to eat meat and dairy.

Papa Johnís is the latest eatery to get on board, as itís announced that vegan Ben & Jerryís ice cream will now be available on its menu. The ĎCoconutterly Caramelídí flavour is a coconut-milk based ice cream with caramel and cookie swirls, as well as rich chocolatey pieces throughout.

The pizza franchise introduced another vegan option earlier this year after listening to customer demand for better dairy-free options. ĎSheeseí, Papa Johnís own version of vegan cheese, is now available across the country, so vegans can put it on pizza or enjoy it in a tasty pizza or marmite scroll. Papa Johnís has even introduced a vegan Ďhot dogí pizza, which has a base of ketchup, and a plant-based sausage alternative.

Liz Williams, Managing Director at Papa Johnís, commented on the new additions to the menu.

"Papa John's is committed to delivering BETTER INGREDIENTS, BETTER PIZZA and we're excited to expand our menu so those with plant-based diets or dietary restrictions can enjoy it too. We worked closely with PETA, who helped us develop the recipes and find the best vegan products, so we expect that the new additions will be a huge hit."

PETAís Director of Vegan Corporate Projects, Dawn Carr, said that the new plant-based options were a Ďgame changerí.

"We applaud Papa John's Ė the first national pizza-delivery chain in the UK to offer dairy-free cheese at all of its locations Ė for meeting the surging demand for vegan options and giving everyone the chance to enjoy the food they love.Ē

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