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Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Licence

Everything you need to become a hugely successful and highly profitable marketing coach for small businesses...

Probably the best business opportunity in the UK right now with six-figure earning potential and very low costs...

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    £399 monthly licence fee
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About Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Licence

 The Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coaching Licence

What is it?

The Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coaching Licence equips you with everything you need to become a highly profitable (and hugely successful) marketing coach for small businesses helping them to get more customers.

We train you so you become a bonafide expert in growing small businesses, and give you access to our tried and tested processes, templates, workbooks and systems that have been perfected over the past 17 years of working with tens of thousands of businesses – so getting results for your clients is a piece of cake.

How Do You Get Clients?

Simple. We’ve worked with tens of thousands of businesses over the past decade. We know what works to get clients and so we literally give you the same processes, templates and campaigns that are already working for us and your fellow coaches, so all you need to do is follow the instructions!

Six-Figure Earning Potential:

Obviously your income is determined entirely by the work you put in, and your own aspirations. Some coaches are happy earning £5,000/month working part-time. Others want (and have) a six-figure income from their coaching business.

Unlike other franchises or business opportunities, because the costs of running your business are so low, it is very easy to scale up fast with most of our coaches making a profit in month one!

You have the flexibility to set your own prices, but we recommend charging your clients £399/month. That means that just 21 clients would earn you £8,379 per month (which is over £100,000 per year).

21 clients is, as you can imagine, VERY achievable. Especially when we give you all the tools and templates you need to get new clients.

Just 2 new clients a month (one every 2 weeks) means that in under a year you’d have a six-figure income and a terrific business.

About Entrepreneurs Circle:

Entrepreneurs Circle is the UK’s largest membership organisation dedicated to helping small businesses to grow. We specialise in helping businesses to get and keep all the customers they need (which is the most important thing for any business!) and have helped tens of thousands of businesses over our 10-year history.

We recognise that small businesses make the world go around. Not only do they provide the jobs to keep this country growing, but every time a small business grows, they employ more people, pay more taxes, help fund the NHS, boost their own local economy – the effects are massive.

And it’s why everything we do at Entrepreneurs Circle revolves around one mission: to help small business owners succeed, survive and thrive.

For the past decade we’ve been providing training, events and of course, coaching to help small businesses but can’t cope with the demand for personal, one to one coaching that is so popular with our clients and so effective at growing their businesses.

That’s why we need your help.

Take our proven methods for coaching small businesses and start your own successful coaching business whilst helping fellow small business owners to succeed.

Let us equip you with everything you need, including our own proven marketing methods so you can get your first clients on board in a matter of days.

4 Reasons Why This is the Perfect Business...

Huge Demand

We’ve been able to get clients for our own in-house coaching team for over a decade. We’ve never struggled and it’s because all small business owners want one thing – more customers. And that’s exactly what you’re offering them as an EC Certified Coach.


This is a really simple business (in a good way!). There’s no stock, no shop, no staff, no stress(!). You can run the entire business with ease with just a laptop and a phone. Avoid the headaches of contracts, equipment leasing, office rent and extortionate franchise fees – keep it simple, successful and hugely profitable.

Very Low Costs

We’ve had a look and we don’t think there’s another franchise out there with a lower cost base. And that’s good news for you because it means virtually ALL of your income goes straight to the bottom line – and in your pocket!

Recession Proof

When the last big recession hit, demand for our coaching went through the roof. Why? Small businesses become more aware that they need to do something and get help to grow and are willing to pay for it, even in a recession. That means whilst most other businesses struggle in times of economic uncertainty, you’ll be growing (and fast!).


For the right person who’s smart, switched-on, ambitious, hungry and looking for an opportunity that is immensely fulfilling... there’s no better business opportunity out there than the Certified Coaching Licence.

We already have over 100 successful coaches out there helping us on our mission (and earning exceptional money themselves!) will you join them?

Fill in your details below to request our Info-Pack and see for yourself why the Certified Coaching Licence is the best thing you can do for your family, your community and your country.

Training and support provided

We’re very proud of the training and support that is available to our Certified Coaches – it’s considerable, and we’re often told that it’s amongst the very best provided by any business or franchise opportunity in the UK.

Training Programme

You’ll begin with our comprehensive eight-part online training programme which will equip you with everything you need to become a certified coach. You’ll be trained by Entrepreneurs Circle founder Nigel Botterill himself as he gives you the exact strategies and techniques you need to get clients and deliver stellar results for them.

This online training concludes with our Certification Exam which tests your newfound knowledge to ensure you’ve been paying attention(!). Once you have passed the test, you’ll officially be a Certified Coach.

Because everyone’s training requirements are different, you’ll be able to personalise your post-certification training to suit you.

You’ll have access to the entire Entrepreneurs Circle collection of courses, webinars, how-to guides, events, workshops and more. A virtually unlimited supply of resources at your disposal, 24/7.

In-Person Training

Of course the training isn’t all self-led. Each new ‘cohort’ of coaches is invited to EC HQ for two-days of intense, in-person training with Nigel and the Entrepreneurs Circle team to help you properly understand the core concepts and launch your new coaching business off like a rocket.

These in-person training days run throughout the year and you’re invited to join as many as you want.

Personal Support

The team at HQ are available for you to answer questions, help brainstorm ideas, offer guidance and more. Whether you prefer to call, email or even Live Chat – they’ll only be too happy to help.

The ideal Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Licence

Who Makes A Great Coach?

We’ve analysed and assessed all of our coaches and their performance and what we know is that the people who enjoy the most success with this business, the ones who build the biggest six figure incomes most quickly, the ones who have the most clients, dozens and dozens of raving fans amongst them – well they all have the same characteristics...

  • Entrepreneurial Flair
    We are looking for bright, switched-on people with an entrepreneurial streak. You need to be able to spot opportunities to develop and grow your business and to maximise your profile in your local area.
  • ‘People Person’
    This is probably the most important criteria in determining your success in this business. Our successful franchisees are genuine ‘people people’. They can easily build rapport with pretty much anybody. They are friendly, they smile a lot and they have a genuine interest in finding out about others. They’ve also got the ‘likeability factor’.
  • Ambition
    A high level of earnings won’t be handed to you on a plate. You have to put in considerable work and effort to get there but what we know is that those franchisees with the right ambition and drive get there.
  • Attitude
    Attitude is an important factor in determining any success, and that’s definitely true with this business. How will you cope when things don’t go your way? If you can honestly say that you’ll pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get on with it you’ll be a great candidate to be an EC Licenced Coach.
  • Doers - not talkers
    The Coaches that make the most progress are the ones who get on and execute. They do stuff. It might not all work, but they’re good at implementing. Their business has a ‘high metabolic rate’.

Things you don’t need.

Whilst they definitely won’t harm your chances of success, there are just a couple of things that you DON’T need in order to be a success in this business:

  1. Coaching Experience
    Don’t worry if you haven’t got any previous coaching experience. It’s helpful but by no means essential. Several of our top coaches had never had any coaching experience before they joined this business.
  2. Marketing Experience
    We equip you with EVERYTHING you need to get clients. From Templates & Tools through to ‘to-do list’ style guides so just focus on the steps and you’ll be fine

Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Licence's history

How it all started...

Back in 2003 Nigel fi nished climbing the corporate ladder and had a successful career (six-fi gure salary and all). But he’d always wanted to be his own boss, run his own business and so left his high-fl ying job to start his own marketing consultancy firm. Business started well, but keen to help all she could Nigel’s wife Sue decided to set-up her own little income stream to help cover costs

Nigel & Sue amassed a network of thousands of small business owners all running their own businesses, living their dreams thanks to the opportunities they’d found.

Entrepreneurs Circle 

When the big economic turn down hit in 2007 Nigel knew he needed to do something to support his customers and franchisees. So he did. He ran a series of events aimed exclusively at his franchisees all about how to ‘recession-proof’ your business and not just survive, but thrive. They were a resounding success and the people demanded more.

That’s when Nigel founded EntrepreneursCircle – the UK’s largest membership organisation dedicated to helping business owners to escape mediocrity and live the lives they’ve always dreamt of. It was the first of its kind. A community of business owners and entrepreneurs who had access to training, tools, templates, courses and more to help them to grow their businesses.

Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Programme

Then in 2016 we launched Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Programme: Providing personal one to one support to hundreds of businesses through our team of in-house coaches. It was a roaring success and oversubscribed from day one. Over the years the coaching team grew and pretty soon we were working with hundreds of diff erent clients across almost every breadth and depth of industry and niche and helping them to achieve stellar results...

Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coaching Licence

So, equipped with thousands of case studies and over 16 years of experience, Nigel locked himself away to create the proven marketing system for small businesses and the Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coaching Licence was born

Conceived by the award-winning team behind the fastest growing franchise in the UK and the largest membership organisation dedicated to helping businesses to grow...
It launched in 2019 with over 50 coaches coming on board in just two weeks and continues to grow to this day.

Case studies

What Our Existing Coaches Say:

Case Study: Osteopath to Certified Coach

“The EC’s Coaching Licence finally gave me the clarity I needed to hone my coaching and provide my clients with a clear step-by-step process to get and keep customers – which they all LOVE!

The depth to the programme's training is immense and gives me the confidence to consistently deliver results time after time (and make great money too!)”

Sam Sutton

I invested in the Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Licence as soon as I saw it and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.

I’ve been soooo impressed by the breadth and depth of the training, the support from the team and the templates and materials given to us. It makes running a coaching business as easy as 1, 2, 3!
I’ve got my first client already!

Karen Burge 

When I saw the opportunity to partner with the Entrepreneurs Circle I couldn’t believe it! I had hoped that by partnering with Nigel and his team I would benefit from their years of experience in marketing… I certainly wasn’t wrong!

The support and advice, not just from Nigel and the team at HQ, but also the insights and help from fellow coaches - has all been invaluable. I can’t recommend it enough.

Joanne Hallam

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