Probably the best business opportunity in the UK right now...Interview with Nigel Botterill

Nigel Botterill
Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Licence Nigel Botterill

Founder & CEO

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We caught up with Nigel Botterill, founder and CEO of Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Licence, to find out more this rapidly growing franchise opportunity.

What does a day in your life look like?

I’m up early and in the office before 7.30am. My office is locked, and no one can come in until I finish my 90 minutes working ON my business. I’m very strict about this, as it means I always get the most important stuff done first every morning. Mornings are when I’m most productive and creative.

I’ll have meetings and briefings with my team around lunchtime and then 1:1s with franchisees and clients in the afternoon. I’m usually home by 6/6.30pm.

You’re a serial franchisor – why do you believe franchising is such a good concept?

Two reasons:

  1. It allows us to magnify our impact. We can reach many times more people who can benefit from the EC Marketing System through our Licenced Coaches than we could ever reach on our own;
  2. It enables great people to create and build a great business much more easily and quickly than they could do otherwise.

What do you look for in a great Licenced Coach?

  1. Genuine ‘people person’ – if you don’t really love listening to other people and helping them this isn’t for you;
  2. Some experience of running your own business is really useful;
  3. Ambition – what we really want are coaches who want to make a real dent in the universe and build themselves a great six-figure business in the process, while working from home and helping others

What are the biggest challenges for your coaches right now and how can they overcome them?

For most coaches out there, their biggest challenge is getting clients, but we’ve pretty much cracked that for our coaches. Their challenges are much more about managing their time and their workload so they deliver for their clients in a way that’s super time effective.

We’re really thrilled with the success of so many of our coaches and it’s great their challenges are the ‘nice’ problems to have rather than the nasty ones!

How is the Entrepreneur’s Circle Coaching License different to other business coaching franchises?

I think the biggest difference is the help we give to our coaches to get clients.

All the other franchises in this space seem to focus on the actual coaching itself – which is important, obviously – but without any clients you haven’t got a business.

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but we have a couple of coaching clients who are actually franchisees of other coaching businesses, but they’ve come to us to help them get clients!

Where do you see the Coaching Licence in five years’ time?

Our big ambition is to break out of the UK and Europe and extend our network globally.
We know how powerful and effective our programme is, so expanding our reach so we’re helping and impacting tens of thousands of businesses each year is our focus.

When a business cracks the Rhythmic Acquisition of Customers it’s a truly wonderful thing and the more businesses we can help to do that the better. Our goal is all about maximising that impact and making the biggest possible difference.

You’ve written a number of books on building a business – what would you say is your number one tip for aspiring business owners?

Make time to do your 90 minutes every day.

90 minutes working ON your business – doing the things that will move you and your business to where you want to be. It’s critical.

When you do this every day its very difficult not to achieve your goals – but without it, it’s almost impossible to get to where you want to be.

What would you say is the biggest achievement in your career so far?

I’m immensely proud of the impact that Entrepreneurs Circle has had on so many businesses. It’s by far the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done

Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Licence franchise

Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Licence

Probably the best business opportunity in the UK right now with six-figure earning potential and very low costs...

£4,999 Minimum investment
Business & B2B Services
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