Crêpeaffaire franchise

Min investment
£130,000 +VAT


Crêpeaffaire franchise

Crêpeaffaire is a unique and independent quality foodbrand, serving freshly baked savoury and sweet crêpesmade with organic flour and natural ingredients.

Minimum investment
£130,000 +VAT

Funding support

Total investment
£200,000 +VAT

Franchise fees
£20,000 +VAT

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment
£130,000 +VAT

  • Operating fee:
  • Advertising fee:
    1% of net sales, plus VAT
  • Royalty fee:
    7% of net sales, plus VAT
  • Average floor space:
    700 sq ft

About Crêpeaffaire

 Crepeaffaire franchise logo

Crêpeaffaire are looking for franchisees

Crêpeaffaire – A systematic and branded approach to a traditional product

Crêpeaffaire is a unique and independent quality food brand, serving freshly baked savoury and sweet crêpes made with organic flour and natural ingredients. Its philosophy is to position crêpes as an indulgent yet healthy alternative to traditional fast food within the quick-casual food segment. Since its 2005 creation, it has become the UK’s market leader, successfully operating in a variety of locations and formats.

Its unique production system features a “crêpe theatre” and ensures speed, hygiene and a total absence of odours. It can operate on small footprints without the need for costly kitchen extraction (A1 planning) thus providing maximum location flexibility.

For everyone, every time, everywhere

Crêpeaffaire caters to a wide target audience for all-day eating and snacking with a product and packaging ideal to eat in or to consume on the go. It has a modern urban pitch with a distinct Continental/French flavour. It is ideally suited to a shopping, leisure and transport destination/interchange with a varied clientele and brand representation, both in the UK and internationally.

Why Crêpeaffaire?

  • Versatility across all day segments - snacks and meals - through savoury and sweet product range.
  • Wide-spread appeal across all age groups, genders, demographics and nationalities
  • Product range can easily be adjusted to local tastes and tendencies - an ideal starting point for multi-local/international expansion
  • Compatible with a healthy lifestyle - indulgence without the guilt
  • Wide range of accessible price points - excellent value for money with significant transaction size
  • Strongly impulse driven trial with robust and measurable loyalty
  • Comprehensive lifestyle marketing approach

Crepeaffaire franchise store

The Crêpeaffaire Franchise Opportunity

  • Unique and strong brand with no direct competition
  • Sizeable and growing market, UK and internationally
  • SKU range can easily be customized to match local market habits
  • Highly scalable in variety of formats and locations, eat-in and take-away
  • Location flexibility: production process requires no kitchen extraction – compatible with A1 planning
  • All-day product range with little seasonality
  • Efficient and simplified operation without need for highly skilled restaurant staff
  • Significant brand extension opportunities
  • Moderate capex requirements
  • Strong intrinsic economics with excellent ROI potential

Training and support provided

The successful candidate will learn our formula for success through trainings and management support. We will provide a structured training programme and a comprehensive support package. Our assistance includes; broad pre-and post-opening training. Successful franchisees will receive access to contacts with qualified banks for funding supply. Our new business partners will also receive assistance with site selection and design. We shall provide nominated suppliers and support in the identification of local supply chain. You shall receive a full set of operations manuals to help get potential customers, and provide marketing support, tools, and collateral. We will conduct regular field visits and audits of your store. The end goal is to help you grow and succeed with your business.  

Crepeaffaire franchise restaurant

The ideal Crêpeaffaire franchisee

Building on the success of our company stores, we are selectively expanding our presence in the UK and overseas. Franchising is an important part of our brand expansion strategy, and we are keen to work with the best partners to secure the best sites available.

Becoming a Crêpeaffaire Franchisee means being involved with a young and dynamic brand whose primary mission is to provide “Entertainment for the Taste Buds”.

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