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Crêpeaffaire is a unique and independent quality food brand, serving freshly baked savoury and sweet crêpes made with organic flour and natural ingredients.

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CrêpeAffaire looks into the best way to bring its tasty crepes to the people of America.

CrêpeAffaire is heading to America as it’s released the news that it’s in the process of establishing an ambitious US expansion. It’s announced that it plans to open branches across the country very soon, aiming to up and running for business in the first half of 2019.

The successful crepe franchise has more than 20 locations in the UK and 12 under development across Europe and the Middle East. CrêpeAffaire has previously announced its plans for further international expansion, but the news that it is heading to the huge market of the US is exciting for the company.

Founder and CEO Daniel Spinath explained that the franchise has started to discuss the possibility of recruiting joint venture partners for CrêpeAffaire’s concept launch and has been identifying food and beverage companies that could potentially help. In a press release, the franchise’s plans and motivation behind the US expansion were made clear.

Spinath said that “although crepe restaurants are popular among U.S. customers, there are no branded, national chains that span the country. This means that there’s a gap in the market that CrêpeAffaire is primed to fill.” He also explained that the franchise’s flexible business model, which was influenced by the extortionate cost of renting premises in London where it began, means that new franchisees will be tempted by lower overheads and a business model that can work in even the smallest of locations.

As all of its crepes are prepared on hot plates, franchisees won’t need to rent costly premises with full kitchen facilities and can operate their premises everywhere from traditional café locations to small mall kiosks and food trucks.

With a wide range of tasty crepes, including loads of sweet and savoury options, CrêpeAffaire can satisfy your craving for a delicious French pancake any time of the day.

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