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Bright & Beautiful franchise

A low-investment, easy to learn business model with substantial rewards! Start your business FROM HOME and scale to heights of £1million annual revenue…

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About Bright & Beautiful

Own a low-risk, high earning business that you can start FROM HOME! 

Are you one of the many people looking to take back control of their future during these uncertain times?

If someone could present you with a business model that is; low-risk, management based, and can be started from home and scaled up to heights of over £1million turnover, would you be interested?

Well look no further than Bright & Beautiful.

Founded in 2009, Bright & Beautiful has quickly established itself as the domestic cleaning franchise opportunity not to be missed. Our core values and reputation for quality, as well as a surge in demand for our premium housekeeping services, have helped us achieve over £30million in sales in just a few short years.

In fact, our group turnover has DOUBLED since 2017, and we aren’t seeing any signs of demand slowing down!

We now support an engaged community of over 65 like-minded franchise owners across the UK. All of which are committed to becoming the ‘go to’ domestic cleaning brand in their franchise territory and working towards our group goal of national brand recognition.

 A low risk start up with substantial long term rewards!

The Bright & Beautiful business model is built around repeat customers. In fact, 90% of Bright & Beautiful clients use our services again, therefore you’ll create a recurring revenue – and one that increases month on month as you win more clients.

For you, as the franchise owner, this means that you can build your business step by step, starting with minimal outgoings and then expanding your team of professional housekeepers alongside the clients you win. 

This is very much a snowball effect. With continued client acquisition and retention, you can grow to heights of over £80,000 monthly revenue, whilst slowly adding infrastructure to your business, such as; branded cars, your own shop front location, office staff and middle management positions.


Training and support provided

“From my first day in business, I had client enquiries on my desk!”

Attitudes are changing. People are no longer ashamed to admit they pay for domestic support and there is an increased emphasis on leisure time. Busy families and young professionals are working longer hours and valuing their precious leisure time over household chores. They also have more disposable income to be able to afford it.

That’s where we come in. Bright & Beautiful franchisees up and down the country are delivering on the incredible demand for a premium comprehensive housekeeping service, one that is highly valued by their clients. From 2012 to 2017 the demand for house cleaners in the UK grew by 25%, and since then, Bright & Beautiful has doubled in size and this demand shows no sign of stopping.

Why customers are choosing Bright & Beautiful over our competitors…

Upon joining our community of franchise owners, you will of course acquire the license to trade under the modern Bright & Beautiful brand that resonates so well with clients across the country.

Then, to ensure you gain maximum exposure within your territory, our marketing team will work alongside you to create a bespoke local marketing plan suited to your area. With the help of our local marketing specialist, you can utilise a dynamic mix of offline and online marketing techniques all built on the solid foundation that is your locally optimised website.

Our website, newly developed in 2020, works hard to ensure your business is always on page 1 of google with google my business listing, and SEO optimisation. In addition to this, our marketing team and its partners manage localised pay per click campaigns to cement your position at the top of the search engine. You set your budget, and our marketing team does the rest, taking the stress away from what can be a confusing and technical process.

Case studies

Stuart and Eve are sweeping up in Malvern

In 2017, Stuart and Eve decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition. They started their own business, Bright & Beautiful Malvern. Despite successful careers in education and childcare, the drive to take control over their future overcame the need for security.

With an open mind, Stuart and Eve started to investigate franchise opportunities with no specific industry in mind. “My partner and I had used different cleaning services in the past of varying degrees of quality. This made me realise that there was certainly a gap in the market. That said I did not suddenly wake up one morning thinking “a cleaning franchise for me”. They wanted an opportunity that shared their values and provided an business model they could build and grow “I could see the huge potential in offering a high-quality client focused service and an opportunity to grow a successful and profitable business.”

Stuart was particularly impressed with the Code of Values that guides all Neighbourly Franchisees and Associates, “Without doubt the ethics, openness and honesty of everyone at Bright & Beautiful. The values of respect, Integrity and Customer Focus are at the core of everything we do and expect everyone involved to live by. In addition to this, the business is people centred and involves helping people and lots of talking! Our services make our client’s lives easier giving them back their time. We treat our staff generously and offer local people a genuine career structure. Our clients are mainly domestic therefore we are not dependent on winning and maintaining huge commercial contracts. Everything we do is fair and ethical – we want to treat everyone as we would like to be treated.”

Having launched in Malvern in 2017, Stuart and Eve went on to grow their team and are also now offering their professional and eco-friendly cleaning, tidying and laundry services in the Worcester area to meet local demand. They also now have two branded cars and a dedicated high street office which offers a bespoke ironing and laundry service.

Stuart praised the support offered by the Bright & Beautiful team. “The Head Office team and in particular my business consultant has from the outset offered invaluable advice and support tailored to my ambitions and aspirations. I also was really impressed by the breadth of brands within the Neighbourly family, this creates huge opportunities for networking with more experienced business owners across our brands.”

As well as employing 15 professional housekeepers, the growth of their business has meant that Stuart and Eve have created a number of managerial positions in order to care for clients and manage team training including the appointment of a Quality & Training Co-ordinator and a Client Relationship Co-ordinator.

“I have loved every moment of my journey in the business so far. Starting a business is hard work but when combined with the support and mentoring received from Head Office is hugely rewarding. Recent milestones have been to open a high street office and employing two senior office and field-based staff.

Stuart continued: “Eve and I both come from a long line of entrepreneurs – our family’s businesses include butchers, greengrocers, a carpentry business and a retail chain – so there is definitely something in our genes that has inspired us to become our own bosses.
“We’re so proud to be celebrating our first year in business and to have been able to build a business that has created so many roles for local men and women and that is delivering a great service at the heart of the community. I would like to continue growing my local business ambitiously each year contributing to the network of friendly Bright & Beautiful franchisees and learning from as many people as possible.