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The popular UK cleaning franchise recently offered its customers some advice on how to tackle all the germs living rent-free on their keyboards (and how to evict them ASAP).


Bright & Beautiful is, as you might imagine, a franchise network that’s highly experienced vis-a-vis all things hygiene. The cleaning franchise has been providing its services to domestic customers for over 10 years, and recently took to its blog to share some keyboard cleaning top tips with customers, informing them that the average keyboard harbours 10 million bacteria! According to Bright & Beautiful, “No matter what sort of keyboard you have, [the following methods] will help you disinfect and clean up the keys and surrounding surfaces. Just remember to unplug your keyboard before you start cleaning it.”

Method one: Shake the keyboard. In the words of the expert cleaning franchise, “The first step to take is to shake your keyboard so that all of the loose crumbs and bigger dust clumps fall out. You can gently pat the back of the keyboard and move it in different angles to get the best results. We would also recommend using a small vacuum with long bristles, if possible.” 

Method two: Use compressed air to clean out stubborn dirt. Apparently, “Apple recommends holding [a compressed air can] at a 75-degree angle and [spraying] in a flowing zigzag pattern so that you don't miss any areas.” This process should be repeated “to get all four sides of the keyboard”, and any stuck pieces can be carefully pulled out using tweezers.

Method three: Disinfect the keyboard. Customers should “dip a cotton swab or a microfiber cloth into some gentle isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and delicately clean the area surrounding each key”. Bright & Beautiful does recommend that caution be exercised regarding which “disinfecting substance” is used, however, as some “could cause discolouration or even rub the letters off”. When disinfected fully, “use a dry, lint-free cloth to remove dust and polish the keyboard”.

Method four: Remove and clean the keys to get right in there. Bright & Beautiful reports that, “This step won’t work for every keyboard, however most desktop keyboard keys are designed to allow you to remove them. After removing the keys, you can wash them individually with alcohol or water and soap. Remember to dry them well before placing them back on the board.” Find out more about franchising with this experienced and informed cleaning franchise via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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