Bright & Beautiful shares decluttering tips for every room in the house

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In a recent blog post on the Bright & Beautiful website, the cleaning franchise offered its expertise in tackling the common, yet challenging, problem of decluttering the home.

A tidy home is a tidy mind, and Bright & Beautiful understands that. That’s why the cleaning franchise has provided its customers with some top tips for tidying each and every room, after sagely suggesting that one room at a time should be the focus when decluttering. For the living room, Bright & Beautiful recommended that customers “divide the room into zones and work through them meticulously”, thinking “about what you want where”. Focus points, like the coffee table, should receive extra attention, and decoration overload should generally be avoided as decorations “often do nothing more than collect dust”.

For the bedroom, the franchise suggested making the bed right after getting up, and also said, “Remove anything from your nightstands that doesn’t belong there and either put it in a cupboard or throw it away. Try to aim for no more than three things on top of it.” In terms of your wardrobe and clothing, Bright & Beautiful believes that you can determine what you want to keep by asking the following four questions: “How often do I wear it? Is it comfortable? Is it stained or damaged? Is it my style?”

Over in the kitchen, the counters are the best place to start, and customers should “clear off everything non-essential, ideally leaving two to three objects like the kettle, toaster or coffee machine”. If working with a smaller space, the cleaning company recommended installing racks or hangers to increase cabinet storage capacity, or purchasing a pegboard to mount on the wall and hang your pots and pans from.

Finally, in the bathroom, Bright & Beautiful said, “Start with the surfaces and medicine cabinet. Take everything out and throw away any outdated or unwanted products. Once you figure out what you want to keep, place the items you use most often at eye level. Avoid filling up your sink space, and take advantage of the space below with stackable plastic drawers. Products that you don’t frequently use, like bath salts or bath bombs, can be kept in a basket for an aesthetic display.”

If you’d like to franchise with this cleaning network bursting with domestic expertise, you can become a Bright & Beautiful franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £9,995, with a total investment cost of £19,995. Find out more about investing with Bright & Beautiful via the company’s profile page, linked above.

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