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Bootcamp Pilates franchise

Dynamic Reformer Pilates

Bootcamp Pilates is a revolutionary fitness programme that is both challenging and engaging, and delivers inspiring results. 

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About Bootcamp Pilates

Bootcamp Pilates is a revolutionary fitness programme that is both challenging and engaging, and delivers inspiring results. 

The core of Bootcamp Pilates success is a special one-hour workout, perfected and refined over many years, to deliver a comprehensive workout that can fit into even the busiest schedule.

Sometimes referred to as The Peoples Pilates, and described by the Evening Standard as the best hardcore Pilates organisation in London, its not hard to see why people get hooked on their secret recipe.

Its a recipe for success. For you, for your clients and for your business.

No-one ever gets bored on the programme! No two sessions are exactly the same, as the programme is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its participants. It is particularly appealing to people who are put off by the big gym environments, have trouble remaining motivated, or need to fit an intensive workout into their busy schedules.


The Health & Fitness Sector

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People of all ages are investing more and more time and money into looking and feeling great, and are looking for the most effective ways to achieve their goals.

There has been a significant shift in the UK Health & Fitness Market in recent years away from gym membership and other traditional models towards micro-boutiques, studios and fitness classes.

Consumers are increasingly interested in higher quality equipment, facilities and service.

Health & Fitness is continuing to be a booming business sector, and the demand for healthy living has never been higher. Staying fit is no longer just a pastime for gym bunnies and running fanatics, its increasingly becoming an important part of every adults lives as we continue to become more educated about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.



Bootcamp pilates franchise studio

Yes, absolutely. In fact, theres never been a better time to own a Bootcamp Pilates studio, as market figures show.

  • The UK Health & Fitness Sector is now worth an incredible £4.9 billion pounds, a twenty-fold increase on figures from the 1970s, with no signs of slowing. 
  • More than 10 million people, thats 15% of the total population, are now members of a gym or other fitness facility. 
  • More and more people are taking an interest in their physical well-being, which is proving very positive for health and fitness operators as a whole.

Who is a Bootcamp Pilates Customer?

The programme is open to everyone, whatever their age, gender, body type or ability. It has attracted customers from all walks of life, from dedicated fitness freaks and off-duty mums, to desk-bound workaholics, pensioners and party girls.

No-one else does what Bootcamp Pilates do, or as well as we do it. Bootcamp Pilates is unique, and there is simply nothing else in the UK that comes close to this revolutionary programme and professional, high-end service.

6 Studios Already Open...Will You Open The Next?

There are still a lot of areas full of potential customers waiting to be tapped.

In major cities, there may be scope for several studios to operate without coming into competition with each other.

Also, for the many smaller towns, cities and rural communities, Bootcamp Pilates represents an exciting new opportunity for customers to access high-end fitness training unlike any other.





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