Yoga franchise opportunities

Celebrities passionate about the health and wellness benefits of yoga are just one reason it has become huge in the UK's mainstream fitness market. It has passed from being a fringe, spiritual activity into a common sight at leisure facilities within the UK's £4.7 billion health and fitness industry. To the delight of hundreds of thousands of people who have discovered its fitness and stress-relieving benefits, yoga has also become popular to teach, as well as learn. Some instructors provide yoga classes as a sideline to other health and fitness services, while others have created ventures entirely focused on it, including yoga retreats in the UK and overseas. Other ways to grow a business in the field of yoga is to offer private tuition at home, run corporate yoga classes on company contracts or offer it in schools and prisons. You could even create a business training more yoga instructors who can spread the word and increase access.

Yoga as a business in franchise

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to launch a prosperous venture based on providing yoga is to form a partnership with one of the biggest success stories in this health and fitness sector. Franchise deals provide you with business management support, referral systems, marketing help and even training if you need that. Franchisers can also provide help with technology and insurance that even the smallest yoga enterprises now require. Among the companies willing to share their business success with ambitious entrepreneurs is Hotpod Yoga, a European network of yoga teachers. A more niche franchise is available from Tatty Bumpkin, providing “yoga inspired classes” for young children. To get yourself in the right position for business success in your yoga venture, contact us today. We can match you to a franchise that is flexible to your needs and interests.

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