Why starting a franchise is an excellent choice for new mums.

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Why franchising is great for mums

The number of women starting a franchise is on the rise. According to the British Franchise Association / NatWest Franchise Survey 2015, there has been a fall in the proportion of female franchisees, down to 23% from 28% in 2011 but this isnt the whole picture. The stats are slightly skewed by the fact that many women are now running franchises with their partner, a trend that has been on the increase in recent years.

Spreading the word

For women to understand the benefits of starting a franchise, there needs to be more awareness of the industry. Thankfully, many initiatives, such as the British Franchise Association's Women in Franchising and the Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWIF) groups are improving the situation.

Its a testament to such initiatives that the franchise sector is now deemed as a feasible business option for many women which has led to the increase in interest. The new era of franchising is now more female-friendly with franchisees being able to turn to many support groups designed to advise and guide women throughout their franchising journey.

Why become a franchisee?

There are many reasons why franchising is the perfect fit for many new mums. In recent years, the franchise industry has been subtly changing making it more attractive and more accessible to different groups. This includes women who want an alternative to returning to their job following maternity.

Here are just some of the reasons why starting a franchise is the answer to the question of how to be the boss with the flexibility that new mums crave.


Owning a business may be a dream for many aspiring female entrepreneurs. Unfortunately though, starting an independent business from scratch takes hard work, long hours and reduced quality time with family. For many new mums, the thought of having to juggle childcare with business ownership can be overwhelming.

This is where a franchise can offer the solution. Increasingly, some of the best franchises to invest in are tailoring their franchise packages to suit the needs of prospective franchisees. This means that mums can decide to work on a part-time basis, or even consider home-based franchises.

There is also a growing number of lifestyle-type franchise opportunities that are ideally suited to mums. Children's dance classes, dog walking and tutoring are just some of the examples of businesses that hold tremendous appeal for women with youngsters. Many of which can be run as home-based franchises too removing lengthy commutes and allowing mums to do the school run if needed.

Such franchises enable women to find the right work/life balance for them and their family. They can work around other commitments without having to jeopardise the success of their franchise.

Easier access to finance

Starting a family doesn't come cheap, and neither does starting a business. But, although there is risk involved with any business venture, the benefits of buying a franchise does reduce some of these challenges.

Many lenders, including high street banks, recognise the security that comes from investing in a proven business model with training and support provided. As such, franchising is deemed as a less risky route to business ownership so securing finance can be much easier. This is great news for mums who may have used up any savings while on maternity leave.

Of course, to obtain funding, a business plan needs to be created. Even if you're confident that you've found one of the best franchises to invest in, youll still need to convince your lender. Your business plan is an essential document that will help your lender to understand your financial position, your plans and how you're going to achieve your goals.

Support is there when you need it.

After being out of the workplace for months, women unsurprisingly lack confidence when they return to their job once their maternity leave ends. In fact, a study by the social business which champions working mothers, Hatch, found that a massive 60% of returning mums had no confidence at all.

It's no wonder then that the thought of starting a franchise is even more daunting for new mums. Much of this fear can be alleviated though by the training and support that the best franchises offer.

The initial training and continued support from the franchisor and other franchisees mean that your confidence will soon grow. There's a popular franchise saying that states "you're in business for yourself, not by yourself" and this is undoubtedly proven whenever you need advice and guidance from those around you.

Youve already got all the skills you need

Your confidence may have taken a bit of a knock since becoming a mum, but you should take the time to review your skill set. It's more than likely that you'll find, that like most mums, you possess the necessary qualities to become a franchisee.

If youre motivated, good with people, have excellent communication and organisational skills, then youre probably just the candidate many franchisors are looking for. The fact that you already have to budget for your family, have excellent time management, and are talented at multi-tasking will stand you in good stead too.

You get to be in control.

Although there are many aspects of the franchise business model which are out of your control, you still get to call the shots when it comes to your career progression. You maintain the freedom to decide how you want to run your business and how much time and effort you invest into it.

Controlling the direction your franchise goes in means that you can grow your business, or not, in accordance with what suits you and your lifestyle.

If youre interested in finding out more about the franchise opportunities available to women, you could attend the EWIFs 2018 National Conference on Friday 28th September. You can find out more here.

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