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Starting a home-based business may have never crossed your mind before. But with many workers across the UK now getting a taste of working from home as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s likely that more and more of us will start considering it as a career prospect. In this article we provide our top seven home-based business ideas.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of starting a home-based business but found an excuse not to take the next step? If you’ve been made redundant recently, or have thrived working from home in the past few months and want it to become a permanent part of your life, why not seriously consider one of our top home-based business ideas?

Top 7 home-based business ideas

1. Web design

If you’ve got a passion for technology and a creative eye, why not start a web design business? You can work with clients and use your design expertise to develop their perfect website.

2. Tutoring

If you want to stay in your own home, consider getting your customers to come to you. This is what tutoring franchises can do, welcoming children into their homes and delivering quality lessons to help them perform better at school – or simply learn more about a subject.
The tutoring industry has managed to stay afloat rather well during the pandemic. With parents having to homeschool their children while still working to put food on the table, many sought out additional tuition services from a professional. And, with tuition being able to take place virtually, a tutoring business should still survive if restrictions get tightened again in the future.

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3. Consulting

By starting a consulting business you could operate in one of several sectors, specialising in business, financial, IT or HR consulting, for example. Your consultancy franchise could welcome clients into your home or provide support over the Internet using some of the fantastic software we’ve come to know and love during lockdown.

Now more than ever, business owners and individuals are going to be struggling and needing advice from professionals. You can use your knowledge and experience to help people in your local area, across the UK and even across the globe through this difficult time by offering a virtual consulting service.

4. Vending machine

Now, here’s one you may not have considered. Ever impulsively bought a packet of crisps or sugary snack from a vending machine? Well, you could be the person making a profit from it. All you need to do is place your vending towers in high-footfall public spaces and wait for the profit to roll in. With a vending machine franchise, you don’t even need to do research into suitable locations - the marketing team will do this for you.

Unlike other businesses with fixed premises, you don’t have to suffer in silence if demand declines in your vending spots. All you do is pick it up and move it to a better location. This makes vending machine franchises a fairly risk-free venture.

5. Cleaning

If you love nothing more than a spot of spring cleaning and the satisfaction of a sparkling kitchen you might want to consider starting a cleaning franchise. They are a great option if you are concerned about high costs, as they are often cheap to run and require a low upfront investment. All you need is a computer and some cleaning products to get started.

The commercial cleaning market could prove particularly lucrative at the moment. Many companies are investing in professional cleaning services to ensure that they adhere to cleaning protocols and prevent the spread of viruses.

6. Personal training

A personal training business could be a fantastic option for fitness-loving entrepreneurs. You could offer training sessions from your home workout room, travel to your clients’ homes or use a nearby green space.

Until recently, you might not have thought that offering personal training sessions virtually through video conferencing apps would be a viable business opportunity. But many individuals and personal training businesses have found success through this approach. There’s no reason why you can’t too, and get your business up and running now.

7. Bicycle repair

You could use the resources you already have to launch a profitable home-based business. Love bikes? Got the knack for fixing things? Have a think about converting your garage into a workshop. Choose whether you will ask your clients to drop their bikes off or offer a pick-up and delivery service. As long as you have the equipment and space to get working, you should be all set.

This is another industry that is thriving at the moment. As a response to the lockdown and making the most of their daily exercise, many people reignited or started to realise their love of cycling. Your bicycle repair business can help keep them in tiptop shape. 

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Enjoy the flexibility of a home-based business

An advantage of home-based franchises is that they can easily be operated part time. This suits those who need to mould their work around other commitments or want to improve their work-life balance.

The emergence of exciting new home-based franchises has ensured that there are plenty of opportunities available to those who want to try something different and manage their own business from their house. If you’ve always seen yourself working from home in the future, you may want to consider the flexible working arrangements offered by many modern home-based franchises.

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