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If you’ve always dreamed of working from home, you may want to consider the flexible working arrangements offered by many modern franchises. Here, we examine home-based roles in general, before taking a look at five things you need to think about before becoming a home-based franchisee.

Home based jobs UK

In the UK, an increasing number of business-orientated individuals are looking to step away from their office-bound, 9-5 schedule and look for more appealing work arrangements. One of the main ways in which they're doing this is by looking for franchises that allow them to work from home.

The emergence of exciting, new home-based franchises has ensured that there’s plenty of opportunities available to those who want to try something different and manage their own business from home.

Home-based IT jobs

The digital revolution has been the principal force driving the increase in home-based work. Portable computing and advanced business software have ensured that entrepreneurs can operate their business from anywhere in the world without a problem. That's why it makes sense that the IT industry is home to many of the world's top home-based franchises. However, no matter what home-based work role you assume, you'll be expected to utilise complex digital systems, so it's a good idea to make sure all your computer skills are up to scratch.

Part-time home based jobs

Another benefit of home-based franchises is their ability to offer part-time franchisee positions. This often suits those who need to fit work in around other commitments or don't want to work too much. The Nationwide Cleaners franchise is the perfect example of a home-based franchise that allows franchisees to work on either a full-time or part-time basis.

Five things you need to think about

Though running a home-based franchise may seem like the ideal business opportunity, there are some things you need to consider before you sign a franchise agreement. They include;

1. Are you well suited to working at home?

Working from home is a dream come true for many people. It allows you to organise your day according to your needs, reduces time wasted commuting, and offers greater flexibility. However, for others, it’s not as ideal an arrangement as it sounds.

Working from home requires you to be driven, determined, and able to self-motivate. There are plenty of distractions to cope with and no one hovering over your shoulder telling you to get a move on. This means that you are responsible for getting things done and that there is no one else to push you onwards and upwards. Some entrepreneurs thrive in this kind of environment, while others fail miserably. Consequently, it's essential that you work out whether you're well suited to working from home before you commit.

2. Is working from home the most important thing?

For some, working from home is the most critical consideration. It's what they value most about their job, and it's why they do it. There's nothing wrong with this attitude but franchisees should be careful that they don't make lousy career decisions in their pursuit of a job that allows them to work from home.

The freedom and flexibility afforded by a home-based job are not enough to satisfy most people for a long period. Business owners also need to be passionate about what they do. It's difficult to maintain enthusiasm for a job if you gain no enjoyment from doing it. Consequently, it's important to ask whether you're deciding to work from home for the right reasons.

3. Are you going to receive the support you need?

One of the principal benefits of the franchising system is the extent to which franchisees are supported and guided by their franchisors. While traditional startup owners have to go it alone and often suffer due to a lack of resources and useful information, franchisees have access to everything they need to ensure that their business is as successful as can be.

That being said, the level of support franchisees receive will differ from franchise to franchise. This means that you need to be aware of what each franchise offers and what kind of assistance you can expect to receive. The franchise package has an enormous impact on how you operate your business and its chances of success, so it’s worth discussing the precise details with your franchisor before signing any agreement. Try and look for franchises that offer guidance, support, and assistance in areas where you have less experience, as this will help negate your personal weaknesses.

4. Does the franchise fee reflect value for money?

Generally, franchise fees reflect the amount of investment required to get the business off the ground. This means that home-based franchises will boast a considerably lower franchise fee because they typically have reduced overheads. As there's no need for a traditional "brick and mortar" business premises, there's no rental expenditure and far less equipment required.

Despite this, there's still great variety in what you can expect to pay for a home-based franchise. For the most part, this is due to differences in franchise packages. While a more affordable franchise fee may seem appealing, it doesn't necessarily represent better value. Franchisees need to ensure that they're balancing their desire to pay less with the need to buy into a franchise that offers comprehensive support. It's always a good idea to remember the maxim "you get what you pay for" when it comes to choosing a franchise.

5. Are you prepared to wait for success?

Though some of the most attractive features of a home-based business are the freedom, flexibility and better work/life balance it allows for, you're going to have to work hard to achieve this. A successful franchise isn't made overnight, and all franchisees will have to put in months of hard work if they're to build a business that can support more flexible professional arrangements. This means that you need to be prepared to wait for all the benefits associated with home based jobs.


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