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Has earning a living from the comfort of your own home always been your dream? Are you bored of the mundane nine till five work schedule? Are you tired of travelling to and from work in the dark on short, winter days? Well, youre not alone. Over four million Brits, 13.7 percent of the working population, choose to work from home according to research by the Office of National Statistics - an increase of 800,000 people in the last ten years. Therefore, due to the myriad of benefits of working from home, it is hardly surprising that this number is expected to grow every year.

Business Ideas to Let You Work From Home

Modern technology is the most substantial driving force behind the surge in home-workers and, with proven increases in employee productivity and information retention rates, more businesses are eager to follow suit which, in time, will probably mean ditching the suit. Many office workers daydream about owning a home-based business when stuck in the confines of their offices four walls - no one bossing them about and no tackling the dreaded work commute. So, what are the advantages of working from home for business owners?

Take a look at some of the biggest benefits to running a home-based business:

No time is wasted on commuting to and from the workplace. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 3.7 million Brits travel for two hours or longer every day in order to get to work. In 2010, this number was much smaller, at 2.8 million. This indicates that people are prepared to travel further and longer to get to work, potentially due to UK property prices soaring and the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a job. This travel time could be spent working, enjoying time with family and friends or doing something for you that makes you happy - this is particularly important given the current emphasis on looking after your mental health.

An improved work-life balance can be achieved. Often when working in a highly demanding environment, the line between work and personal life can become blurred, with more and more hours spent working to manage a heavy workload. This can lead to work-related stress, which unfortunately often has a detrimental effect on family life. Working from home makes attending family events more achievable, which in turn improves workers family lives and mental health.

No office or retail space expenses need to be considered. Operating a home-based business comes with fewer overheads. Office equipment, furniture and technology are no longer required and rental costs are saved; not to mention the cost of commuting to and from work.

You can choose your own hours, working whenever and for however long you like. Whether youre a morning person or a night owl, you can pick the best working hours for you, to work around any family obligations you may have.

You are not restricted by geographical limits, allowing you to work with clients from all over the UK, or even overseas. Without being confined to a specific location or territory, you can decide how big or small to make your business, based on the size of your customer base.

Combine these advantages of working from home with the bread-and-butter benefits of running a franchise business, and youve got a very exciting opportunity.

Opportunities at Point Franchise

There are many new business ideas for you to consider if youre looking for a franchise business to run from home. Here are our top five working-from-home franchise business ideas:

1. Auditel

This franchise is the leading provider of strategic cost management in the UK and Ireland. It was established in 1994 to help businesses understand the tariffs and service offerings that emerged after the utilities markets were deregulated. Being part of this cost management business, youd be supporting over 3,000 clients in more than 100 areas of business expenditure. Being able to work from home means that you can be part of this exciting opportunity with just a desk, a computer, a phone and access to the internet - its that easy.

2. Expense Reduction Analysts

Another cost management business, Expense Reduction Analysts prides itself on having the highest consulting revenue among any procurement business in the UK. The globally recognised brand operates in over 30 countries and has provided its services to over 1,600 clients through more than 750 franchisees worldwide. Franchisees can work in one of three areas of the business: client acquisition, project management or project analysis. Therefore, this franchise opportunity is accessible to people with a variety of different skills and abilities. You can work to your strengths whilst working from home.

3. Aspray

As part of one of the UKs franchise leaders in the property claims handling industry, youll support clients when they need it most. Aspray franchisees specialise in managing property damage insurance claims, from their inception to the completion of repairs, all without leaving your living room.

4. Promedica 24

This home-based business may be of interest if you have the empathy and compassion to work in the care sector. Your role within the franchise would be to support individuals and their families in choosing carers who will provide care 24/7, as supplied by the franchise. Promedica 24 aspires to provide clients with the most genuine care possible whilst attending appropriately to their specific needs.

5. ChipsAway

If sitting at a desk all day makes you restless, heres a franchise that is based at home but doesnt demand that franchisees work from home all day every day. ChipsAway offers a convenient, high-quality and cost-effective alternative to car body shops by repairing paintwork scratches, bumper scuffs, minor dents and kerbed alloy damage to vehicles. There is flexibility for franchisees to start off with the man-in-van set up, with scope to expand into a multi-van or workshop model in the future.

From a financial perspective, there are often minimal overheads involved in setting up a franchise from home, so they are a low-cost investment. Not only is this a great way to reduce expenses when starting a business, but keeping costs lower drives a higher return on investment, providing an easier route to profitability.

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