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surface medic franchise

Surface Medic franchise

Surface Medic

Restore Repair Solutions

Surface Medic is a specialist repair franchise who help domestic and commercial clients restore internal and [...]

25,500 Minimum investment
Home Improvement & Construction
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If you've got a knack for DIY or have a history in construction, there's a relatively new franchise on the scene that's causing considerable interest amongst franchising experts. Here, we take a look at what Surface Medic has to offer and why they might make for a highly profitable investment.

History of the franchise

Surface Medic is part of the Service Solutions Group an umbrella organisation that owns several franchises and operates in a diverse array of industries, including real estate, construction, hospitality, and healthcare, amongst others. The Service Solutions Group also operate the Concept Property Claims franchise and the Local Assist franchise network.

A relatively new franchise, Surface Medic has gone from strength to strength in the three years since it was established. This is primarily due to the extensive experience the franchisor has been able to bring to the table and the committed backroom staff the franchise relies on.

The surface repair industry

While the surface repair sector is intrinsically linked to the construction industry, it also operates in a substantially different market. Most surface technicians will have developed valuable construction skills, but few tradesmen will be able to perform repair work to the same high standard as a dedicated surface repair technician.

In recent years, the repair industry has thrived as homeowners look for cost-effective ways to restore damage to surfaces. In economically challenging times, consumers are forced to make do with what they have, and many of those who would have replaced damaged items now prefer to save money by employing a repair specialist. This means that the recent recession has had a positive impact on demand for Surface Medic's services.

How does the insurance industry benefit Surface Medic?

However, demand from individual consumers isnt the only reason the Surface Medic franchise is experiencing a period of significant growth. The franchises parent company, Service Solutions Group, already handle around £50 million of insurance claims, many of which are routed through Surface Medic.

Many insurers now find it cheaper and more convenient to settle insurance claims by repairing damaged goods and surfaces, rather than replacing them. Surface Medic is ideally placed to meet this increased demand for restoration services and is being designated work in a wide variety of industries.

Surface Medics strong working relationship with many key insurance companies has ensured that theres ample business to support an extensive franchise network long into the future. For this reason, the franchisor is currently searching for new franchisees to facilitate the growth required to meet increased demand.

What services does the franchise offer?

Surface Medic specialises in repairing and restoring hard surfaces to their former glory. Whether it's brickwork, work surfaces, bathroom tiles, wooden floors, glass, or UPVC, the franchise's gifted technicians can provide affordable restoration services to customers up and down the country.

The franchise and its technicians utilise cutting-edge techniques and technologies to ensure that no sign remains of the damage, no matter what the material. Using polymers, fillers, and advanced compounds, technicians develop a perfect match for the damaged area and typically complete the repair work within a couple of hours.

How much investment is required?

To become a Surface Medic franchisee, you'll need to make a minimum initial investment of £25,000. This covers the franchise fee and provides you with access to the franchise package. However, it does not include the working capital required to support your business during its early growth, nor the cost of the vehicle needed to operate the franchise.

Despite this, Surface Medic remains a remarkably affordable franchise thats likely to return a handsome profit to those who invest the necessary resources and dedicate themselves to the new business success.

What is included in the franchise package?

The Surface Medic franchise package boasts one of the most comprehensive training programmes in the industry and is widely recognised as one of the more impressive packages on offer. Surface Medics reputation depends on its technicians abilities to make repairs to an incredibly high standard, so a great deal of attention is paid to preparing them for the role. The four-week training programme takes place at a dedicated training facility and provides franchisees with all they need to know to carry out surface repairs.

Alongside training, franchisees will receive assistance developing their launch plan, be appointed a mentor, and be provided with the franchisors detailed operations plans. Repair equipment, vehicle livery, stationary, and branded clothing are also provided. Finally, all Surface Medic franchisees receive industry accreditation to show that theyre qualified to carry out any necessary surface repairs.

What kind of franchisee is Surface Medic looking for?

Surface Medic is currently experiencing a surge in demand for their franchise units. This means that they're able to cherry-pick the best candidates to ensure they maintain an excellent standard across the network.

Suitable candidates will demonstrate a desire to work closely with the franchisor and understand that the franchise business plan is to be followed to the letter. Ambition is a valuable trait, as the franchisor is keen to develop franchisees into multi-unit owners if they show an aptitude for the role. Excellent communication skills are also required, as franchisees will be interacting with customers on a regular basis and will also need to develop a strong working relationship with the franchisor.

Is Surface Medic a good investment opportunity?

If youre looking to start a business in a line of work that allows for a healthy work/life balance, in a market that is experiencing considerable growth, Surface Medic is an excellent investment opportunity.

It's links to the insurance industry and the favourable economic conditions mean that it has a bright future and any individual who can get in on the ground floor now is likely to thrive. Due to its innovative use of technology, the franchise is ahead of the competition in almost every conceivable way, ensuring its franchises have an excellent chance of building a successful business.

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