Sports Xtra: A Franchise Opportunity with a Difference

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Sports xtra franchise information

Sports Xtra is a sports franchise with a twist. The concept was established in 2002 and has now evolved into a cost-effective and flexible business that offers an alternative for entrepreneurs who dont want the costs and commitment associated with a typical franchise.

At its core, Sports Xtra is still as passionate as ever about encouraging children to live an active lifestyle but have realised that there is a different way that this can be achieved. Moving away from the traditional franchise model, this childrens franchise focuses on the deliverer of the coaching rather than the franchise system itself.

The popularity of this fresh approach to franchising has resulted in Sports Xtra becoming the countrys leading provider of sports and physical activities for children aged 2 to 12 years old. Now with 50 franchisees helping children to enjoy sport across the UK and Asia, owning a franchise with Sports Xtra is an excellent chance for you to become part of a successful and growing brand.

So, how does it work?

Sports Xtra offers licensed products for individuals who want to make a difference in their local community by helping children to increase their physical activity. For a one-off fee, youll receive a starter pack that provides everything you need to operate a successful sports franchise. The pack consists of:


  • Weekly support and guidance
  • Access to an e-learning platform
  • All necessary resources
  • Continuous professional development training
  • Online booking system
  • Marketing assets portal
  • Invoicing and payroll service
  • Uniform
  • Business cards
  • Marketing materials such as stickers and pens etc.

When your training is complete, you'll have all the know-how to create your own courses, market your business, and build a robust network of clients.

Whats required?

If youre interested in owning a franchise with part-time hours that has the potential of full-time earnings, then this childrens franchise could be for you.

Sports Xtra is looking for people who are passionate about teaching children the importance of physical activity, understand that providing the best possible experience for participating kids is critical and are dedicated to making the business a success.

You'll also need excellent communication skills, ambition and a determination. All the other skills that are required to run your own lucrative business will be taught during the training thats provided when you join this exciting business opportunity.

Case studies

Sports Xtra franchisees come from different backgrounds and bring a range of skills and experience to the role. Here are some examples of franchisees that have benefited from owning a franchise in Sports Xtra:

Louis Johnson from Llantwit Major, South Wales was initially concerned about setting up clubs and getting the correct insurance in place to protect his clients and his new business. But, Louis was supported by Sports Xtra and the training that he received to make the right choices and develop his business further. Louis runs his Sports Xtra franchise alongside other coaching commitments, and so loves the flexibility of this opportunity.

Steve West from Reading had worked in several different industries throughout his career but had never worked as a sports coach. However, when Steve joined the Sports Xtra franchise in 2010, he found that he was able to apply skills that he had acquired in previous jobs to running his own business. Steve loves the fact that Sports Xtra has given him the opportunity to start a whole new chapter in his career and even won the Licensee of the Year award in 2013.

Jordan Snaith from Colchester is right at the beginning of his franchise career and is very thankful to Sports Xtra for giving him the tools and skills to run his new business successfully. Jordan has only been a Sports Xtra franchisee for a couple of months, and he has already nearly doubled his previous salary already. And there are still lots of income revenue streams for Jordan to take advantage of so his future with the company is looking very bright indeed.

Financial information

The funding of this sports franchise differs from the typical franchise fee and royalty payments. There is a start-up fee of £600 which covers your starter pack and first three months' license fees. Once youve been in business for three months, youll move on to the standard rate of £149 per month.

Sports Xtra has developed this fee structure by removing many of the costs that are typically associated with owning a franchise, therefore making the opportunity much more affordable. This has been achieved in three ways:

  1. You will not be granted an exclusive territory when you invest in this childrens franchise. Sports Xtra firmly believes that the quality of the service provided is much more potent than your business being limited to specific postcodes.
  2. When you win a client, youll have to be present at every session that is delivered to ensure that the quality of the sessions is not compromised. You can employ staff as your business grows, but you still need to be present for every session.
  3. Finally, instead of attending your initial and ongoing training at a fixed location, youll learn the skills needed to run your franchise via an e-learning platform. This makes your learning more flexible, manageable and cost-effective.

If youre interested in this fantastic opportunity, but youre concerned that you cant commit for the full five years of the franchise agreement term; fear not. Sports Xtra understand the need for flexibility is essential to their franchisees, and so they've introduced a rolling agreement that requires only two-months notice to terminate.

This innovative franchise company has thought of everything. As well as offering you the chance to work with children while helping them get fit and healthy, you can also do what you love for a fraction of the cost of a typical sports franchise.

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