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Us Brits love a good cup of coffee. Although tea is widely considered our national drink, its punchier, caffeine-packed counterpart has grown in popularity over the last few decades. Whether itís the first cup of the day to wake us up, a smooth blend for a catch up with friends or a much-needed boost of caffeine to combat the post-lunch slump, coffee pops up in our lives a lot. Itís been estimated that we drink around 95 million cups per day in the UK alone and there were thought to be around 24,000 coffee shops across the country in 2018. But has cult US coffee chain Peetís Coffee managed to make its way to our shores yet? And how can coffee-lovers get in on the action through franchising?

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Peetís Coffee and Tea

Peetís Coffee was founded in 1966 by Alfred Peet, a Dutch-American entrepreneur who would go on to revolutionise the way that Americans drank coffee. Peet was such an influential figure in the coffee industry that he mentored and taught the three founders of coffee giant Starbucks how to roast coffee beans to create the perfect cup. Peet and his eponymous coffee chain have been credited with popularising speciality coffee across the US, a trend which shows no signs of slowing down to this day.

Also known as Peetís Coffee and Tea, the coffee chain serves a range of tempting speciality coffees, including intense cold brew, mellow pour over, rich French Press and delicate Chemex. By taking time to craft the perfect coffee using a range of longer, yet infinitely more rewarding methods, coffee-lovers are treated to a true coffee experience made in front of their very eyes.

Responsible, ethical sourcing of its coffee beans is at the heart of the Peetís Coffee brand. Its Farmer Assistance programme helps farmers to cultivate crops of high-quality coffee that allow them to provide for their families and enrich their communities. By providing training, financial support and education for those involved in producing its coffee, Peetís Coffee is ensuring that the coffee trade has a prosperous, ethical and mutually rewarding future for both growers and buyers. It also supports the communities around the coffee farmers, with initiatives including Grounds for Health that aims to improve healthcare services in developing countries.

Peetís Coffee Locations

Peetís Coffee has more than 200 standalone locations spanning 11 states in America, where you can meet up with friends for one of its delicious speciality coffees. It also has licensed partners all across the country, serving Peetís expertly roasted products in their own coffee shops and cafes. Peetís coffee and tea is also sold in more than 14,000 grocery stores across the US, meaning you can grab your favourite beans or leaves to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

The coffee shop brand doesnít currently have any locations in the UK. However itís still possible to get your hands on its speciality tea blends and coffee roasts online. Peetís hasnít announced any plans to expand to the UK yet, but who knows what the future holds for the exciting company?

Peetís Coffee Franchise

Currently, Peetís Coffee is only offering licensed partnership opportunities, which means that youíll have the right to serve Peetís Coffee products in your school, university, hospital or corporate building. However, unlike a franchise agreement, youíll purchase products or open a company-owned concession stand and the partnership will not be as financially rewarding as becoming a franchisee. It does mean, though, that those within your organisation can enjoy the delicious products from Peetís Coffee and the size of the coffee shop and range of offerings can be tailored to suit your businessí exact needs.

However, if youíre looking to open your own coffee shop location through a franchised business, there are lots of options to choose from. Whether youíre drawn in by a business that puts ethical conduct at the heart of everything it does or want the glamour of joining an internationally recognised brand, Point Franchise has plenty of options in the world of coffee shop franchising.

Esquires Coffee

If you want to open a coffee shop thatís committed to ethical practices, Esquires Coffee could be the right franchise for you. Since it was founded in 1993 in British Columbia, Canada, Esquires has gone on to open more than 43 locations in the UK alone and become one of the UKís fastest growing coffee brands. It aims to never exploit the people who work so hard to keep the business thriving or the planet that provides the delicious beans that go into its coffee.

All of its coffee is certified fair trade, organic and sourced from sustainable farms that donít damage the environment. Itís served by skilled, friendly baristas in cosy coffee shops that make the perfect location for a catch up with friends or light lunch with family. Whatever your ambitions are for your business, Esquires offers a flexible business model thatís suited to everything from kiosks and stands right up to two-floor standalone stores for the most ambitious franchisees.

Dunkiní Donuts

Donut franchise Dunkiní Donuts might be best known for its delicious sweet treats, but its wide range of tempting coffee drinks attract plenty of customers too. From hot drinks such as the signature Dunkaccino, which blends freshly roasted coffee with the indulgence of a hot chocolate to create the perfect treat, to the decadent frozen Dunkaccino, which takes the flavours of the signature Boston CrŤme of Strawberry Sprinkle donuts and makes them into a delicious frosty coffee drink.

With more than 11,000 branches spanning 33 countries, Dunkiní Donuts is one of the most recognisable food brands in the world, meaning youíll benefit from its excellent reputation as a franchisee. Youíll need to be in it for the long-haul, as Dunkiní is looking for franchisees who are keen to develop a multi-unit business with at least 20 restaurants in operation, but the rewards youíll stand to reap are impressive.

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