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Wellness franchises - helping your customers

Over the past few years, our focus on personal wellbeing and healthy living has skyrocketed. People are increasingly aware of the benefits of eating nutritious food, exercising regularly and practising mindfulness. So, there are exciting opportunities for anyone who decides to run a franchise business that improves the lives of others. 

Some of the biggest advantages of running your own business include boosting your paypacket and achieving a better work/life balance. But what if you could do something wonderful for your customers too? There are companies in operation across a huge number of different industries and sub-sectors, and all deliver a service - but some provide more value to their customer than others. 

Deciding to run a franchise business that has a significant impact on the lives of your customers allows you to attain personal as well as financial fulfilment. In short, putting your energy into a rewarding venture should give you the motivation to achieve long-term career satisfaction and keep pushing forward to grow your business. 

The best franchises to join if you want to help others 

Education franchises 

Why join an education franchise? What could be better than helping people improve their career prospects by providing high-quality educational sessions? There is a whole swathe of benefits you can offer clients, including the chance to improve their confidence. Younger learners can also boost their independence and sense of responsibility. 

What education franchises are there? Education franchises come in all shapes and sizes, from toddler groups like Monkey Music to businesses offering school and college tutoring classes like Kumon. Some also focus on specific subjects, like Mathnasium or ComputerXplorers.

Gardening franchises

Why join a gardening franchise? By creating and maintaining attractive and functional outdoor spaces, you can help customers improve their mood and mental health. Studies have established a link between access to a private garden and higher psychological wellbeing (Natural England). And when you join a gardening franchise, you give people the chance to breathe fresh air, get closer to nature and de-stress. 

What gardening franchises are there? Some companies provide an all-round service, while others focus on a particular task. For a guaranteed customer base, you could opt to join a lawn care business, such as Greensleeves or TruGreen. Or become a specialist with a franchise like Stump Busters, which removes dead trees. There are even networks like Daniel Moquet for driveway design and Colourfence for fencing solutions.

Our findings suggest that whilst being able to access an outdoor space such as a garden or yard is important, using that space is what really leads to benefits for health and wellbeing.
—Dr Sian de Bell, of the University of Exeter Medical School

Healthcare franchises

Why join a healthcare franchise? The advantages of opting to run a franchise business delivering healthcare services are obvious. The work you do can bring about real change and have a massive impact on customers’ quality of life and personal happiness. 

What healthcare franchises are there? Healthcare franchises cover a wide variety of different sub-sectors. At the more serious end of the spectrum, there are businesses offering live-in care for those who need extra support on a day-to-day basis. Then, there are companies like Walx, which runs walking sessions, and LighterLife, providing weight loss programmes. Meanwhile, clinics like Healthy Feet provide useful medical services and procedures.

Fitness franchises

Why join a fitness franchise? By giving customers a place to work out and a community to join, you help them improve everything from their fitness and energy levels to their mood and sleep quality. 

What fitness franchises are there? Many franchises in the fitness sector are gyms and studios like Bodystreet, offering high-quality equipment and fun exercise classes. But there are also companies running children’s games sessions, such as SportsCool, and those targeting industry niches, like Sweaty Mama, a mother-and-baby fitness class.

Healthy food franchises

Why join a healthy food franchise? You don’t need us to tell you the benefits of healthy food. In a sentence, you’ll support people to improve their health and memory, and reduce the risk of falling ill. 

What healthy food franchises are there? Although the franchise industry is often associated with fast food chains, there are plenty of companies offering healthy options too. The investment opportunities aren’t limited to a single cuisine - and there are even food stall franchises on the market, such as Wolf. But if you don’t want to run a restaurant, you could always start a delivery business with a franchise like Wiltshire Farm Foods. 

Event and travel franchises

Why join an event or travel franchise? Helping customers plan and execute their dream events and holidays is incredibly rewarding. You help people broaden their horizons, meet new people and create memories to last a lifetime.

What event and travel franchises are there? You’ll have plenty of choice if you decide to run a franchise in the event and travel industry. It encompasses everything from travel agencies like GoCruise to retailers, like Award Leisure, the UK’s top hot tub store. Alternatively, you could help people organise events to remember with a franchise like The Party Tent Company, which offers marquee hire, or The Christmas Decorators, which provides festive installations.

The benefits of travelling are not just a one-time thing: travelling changes you physically and psychologically.
—Thomas Busson, Claim Compass

Spa franchises

Why join a spa franchise? We live in a busy world, but opting to run a franchise business in the spa sector will give you the chance to help customers de-stress and boost their happiness. If you offer services like massage, you can also relieve aches and pains and help improve circulation. Whether customers use your business for health reasons or just relaxation, they’ll appreciate your work. 

What spa franchises are there? There are many franchises offering valuable services to help people relax and improve their wellbeing. You could join a network like The Massage Company or run relaxing exercise classes with a business like Sandstone Yoga & Pilates. There are also similar opportunities with retailers selling spa-related products, such as the hot tub store, Award Leisure.

Run a franchise business with customer wellbeing in mind

Here at Point Franchise, you’ll find a huge variety of investment opportunities. Just use the main menu to refine your selection and explore your chosen sector. 

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