The Incredible Ice Cream Company franchise

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The Incredible Ice Cream Company franchise

Magically Lickswishy - Because Everyone Loves Ice Cream

It’s a unique concept and different from many other franchise opportunities! The Incredible Ice Cream Company was launched in 2008 and in the eleven years since has proved to be a unique and successful enterprise. Our bars have been seen at hundreds of private, public and corporate events around the UK with no territory limits. You also have the opportunity of fixing your bar at one location, for example, in a shopping mall, garden centre, retail park – there is a list of endless opportunities as the bars are amazing and attract attention wherever they go. Investing in the Incredible Ice Cream Company bar opens up a world of potential and we also supports you to help your business grow. Very soon you could be on your way to ditching the 9-5 and creating an exciting fun business with profit margins of at least 60%. We firmly believe that an Incredible Ice Cream Company business is a lucrative opportunity with minimal investment but with a fantastic profit margin. Our Wonka inspired ice cream bars draw people to them and wherever there is an Incredible Ice Cream Bar, there are customers who want to have the Incredible ice cream experience. There’s no question that pretty well everyone loves ice cream. The British consumed more Ice cream than the Italians last year (500 million litres!) and this trend is not about to stop. To find out more, simple click 'request information' and submit your details.

Minimum investment

Funding support

Total investment

Franchise fees
£150 +VAT

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

  • Operating fee:
    £150 per month
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
    7.5% royalty on takings
  • Average floor space:
    Bar is 3m x 1m. Space needed 4m x 3m.

Minimum investment


About The Incredible Ice Cream Company

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The idea for The Incredible Ice Cream was actually created over 11 years ago when two event organisers saw that there was a gap in the marketplace for selling ice cream, not from a van or from a tricycle.

So the Incredible Ice Cream Bar is different from anything that you may have seen and it is definitely not a van or a bike! It wows people wherever it’s seen. As you will see, its design is very impactful, draws in the customers and delivers outstanding revenue and profit margin.

We can show you that, not only is a great profit earner, it is enormous fun to run!

Whether you are a mobile or a static franchisee, you could earn in excess of £50,000 in your first year so think what you could earn in year two!.

Below is our amazing opportunity that The Incredible Ice Cream Company has to offer professionals and entrepreneurs



The Mobile Franchise Opportunity

For just £12,500 + vat, you can become a very Mobile Agent Franchisee.

You will be given a brand-new Incredible Ice Cream Bar including a three variety soft serve ice cream machine and enough consumables to achieve your first £1,000 of income.

With our help, you can then decide where you want to earn revenue and profit!

Your Incredible Ice Cream Bar will earn revenue by attending events that can either be private events which are paid for by the customer in advance or public events such as street fairs and festivals where you charge the public for each serving. A mix of both types of events can see your business operate profitably year-round, with the high season being from Easter to the end of the October school holidays.

You can also decide to place your Bar at a pop-up location such as a shopping mall, garden centre, tourist attraction or transport hub – in fact anywhere where there is sufficient footfall to ensure lots of sales.

We might even be able to help you find one near to where you live. Our retail partner manages the retail space for over 200 high-footfall retail spaces across the UK. Through them we can find you the perfect spot from which to make great returns selling Incredible Ice Cream! An Incredible Ice Cream Bar takes less than 3 square metres of retail space, potentially generating annual revenues in excess of £20,000 per metre.

You could for example arrange with a local shopping mall to be there at weekends and school holidays but at other times book your Bar into public events or private happenings such as corporate fun days, weddings or children’s birthday parties. Entirely your decision.

Your contract with us will be for an initial renewable period of two years. There will be an ongoing franchise fee of £150 + vat per month and in order to maintain the consistent quality of the Incredible Ice Cream product, we will supply you with all the consumables you need – ice cream, sprinkles, sauces and flakes.

And…each Bar is individually hand-made in the UK by craftsmen and you can choose your own colour scheme which could, for example, reflect your company colours.
Each of our Incredible Ice Cream Bars has its own personality and a unique name, which you can choose!


 The Incredible Ice Cream Company franchise girl

Who else will hire your Incredible Ice Cream Bar?

Hundreds of corporate events take place every week, where the organisers need to book an attraction, whether it be for their customers or staff. It could be a company fun day, a conference, an exhibition or a staff appreciation day – to name but a few.

Public events take place every day of the year - fairs, shows, markets and festivals – throughout the U.K., where people want refreshments, including ice cream! We know where many of those events are – and we will tell you!


The number of weddings and private parties taking place is endless and the host always wants to give their guests a unique and memorable experience – such as an Incredible Ice Cream Bar!

Leads for our Franchisees

We have an ongoing Google Adwords campaign and that, combined with good search engine optimisation, means that we get regular enquiries for events – that we will automatically pass on to our Franchisees.

It’s A Year Round Business

The Incredible Ice Cream Company franchise sprinkle machine

Ice cream is not a seasonal business.
We take bookings for Incredible Ice Cream Bars throughout the year. Yes – they are at their most popular during the summer months, but corporate and private events take place every month of the year when they go indoors! The period leading up to Christmas is in fact one of our busiest periods!

Once you’ve signed up, we will train your staff on site and support them on a regular basis. Your ice cream machine will be covered by a 24 hour repair or replacement warranty for the duration of the franchise


Everyone Loves Ice Cream!

95% of people regularly eat ice cream throughout summer and spring
83% of Brits claim to often eat ice cream during winter and autumn as well
60% of adults and children eat ice cream at least once a week
• Summers are getting hotter. 2018 saw record-breaking UK ice cream sales
• 2018 saw more than 500 million litres of ice cream eaten in the UK
• We out-ate the Italians by almost 100 million litres!

The Incredible Ice Cream Company franchise boy with ice cream

The Incredible Ice Cream Company franchise ice creams with flakes


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