The Incredible Ice Cream Company franchise

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The Incredible Ice Cream Company franchise

Magically Lickswishy - Because Everyone Loves Ice Cream

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About The Incredible Ice Cream Company

The Incredibe Ice Cream Company Franchise

Everyone loves ice cream and Incredible Ice Cream Co is now offering franchises to give you the opportunity to profit from this lucrative high margin business.

The opportunities to sell ice cream are endless – at festivals, fetes, parties, weddings, corporate fun days, street markets, shopping malls, holiday resorts and soft-play centres, to name but a few.

The Incredibe Ice Cream Company Franchise Lickyswishy

Who Are Incredible Ice Cream?

It all started in 2007 when a successful Events Organiser realised that there was an opportunity to sell ice cream in a much more entertaining and theatrical way than was being done with vans and trikes.

He designed and built the first 3-metre long static Incredible Ice Cream Bar made from fibreglass. From the day he launched it, it was an instant success. His first year’s turnover was over £100,000 and that was 15 years ago!

The Incredibe Ice Cream Company Franchise Car

In 2015 the company was bought by Bryan Thring, another successful events entrepreneur and Bryan continued to prosper siting the bars at public and private events throughout the UK.

In 2019 Bryan was joined by Adam Engberg, a franchising specialist, when it was decided to franchise the operation.

This would mean that more bars could appear at more events and more people could reap the benefits of earning a very good return from their Incredible Ice Cream franchise. The first three franchisees were recruited before the world closed down for the pandemic early in 2020.

However lockdown time wasn’t wasted and Bryan and Adam spent that time designing and developing a sister model to the static Incredible Ice Cream Bar, resulting in a gorgeous motorised and mobile Incredible Ice Cream Bar that was launched in January 2022.

The Incredibe Ice Cream Company Franchise Cones


The Incredibe Ice Cream Company Franchise Lickyswishy

The Uniqueness Of Incredible Ice Cream

Whether you choose the static 3-metre long Incredible Ice Cream Bar or the 2-metre mobile Incredible Ice Cream Bar – there is nothing like them anywhere. They are entirely unique! The static Incredible Ice Cream Bar is a 3-metre long show-stopper! Wherever it goes, the crowds gather because they’ve never seen anything quite like it. Suitable for events where there is no need to move and where access is good, it takes less than an hour to set up. Our brand new mobile Incredible Ice Cream Bar is smaller in size and electrically driven. That means it can power itself around a venue following the crowds. Easily handled by a single operator, the lesser size doesn’t detract from its showbizability, lighting up at night and wowing everyone in sight.

Whichever bar you choose, the customers’ experience is fun and exciting as they work their way down the bar.

The Incredibe Ice Cream Company Franchise Delicious

It starts when they choose whether to have their delicious Madagascan vanilla soft-serve ice cream in a cone or a cup. Next in line comes the decision to select their favourite sauce. Then maybe some sprinkles on top – bubble gum, 100s & 1000s, caramel crunch or popping candy being some of the most popular choices. Finally they can add the ubiquitous Cadbury Flake, grab a napkin and head off to savour the pure eating enjoyment that lies ahead.

The Incredibe Ice Cream Company Franchise Lickyswishy

The Love Of Ice Cream

The UK ice cream market is worth over £1 billion pounds every year and 60% of adults eat ice cream at least once a week!

In 2020, more than 500 million litres of ice cream were consumed in the UK which is 100 million litres more than the Italians!

We all know that children love ice cream but so do adults!

We have learned from experience at many events that children are drawn in by the colourful, fun bar in its Willy Wonka style. The draw is irresistible and before you know it, the whole family is busy choosing their toppings and eagerly waiting for their tasting experience to start.

In fact, when competing with vans and trikes at public events, we comfortably outsell them.

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The Incredibe Ice Cream Company Franchise Lickyswishy

The Incredible Ice Cream Franchise Package

  • A cost of £24,000 for a 5-year renewable franchise
  • Your choice of a static or mobile Incredible Ice Cream Bar
  • Assistance in finding funding support
  • A monthly marketing and bar maintenance fee of £360, payable from month 4
  • An initial supply of ice cream that will earn you up to £10,000
  • Potential earnings of £100,000+ per annum
  • Full social media support on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • A full set of Incredible Ice Cream uniforms
  • An initial training programme and ongoing refreshers
  • Regular sales leads for public and private events
  • The freedom to attend events throughout the UK

The Incredibe Ice Cream Company Franchise Lickyswishy

The Incredible Ice Cream Opportunity

Your Incredible Ice Cream Bar will earn revenue by attending events that can be private, which are paid for by the customer in advance, or public events such as street fairs and festivals where you charge the public for each serving. A mix of both types of events can see your business operate profitably year-round.

100’s of corporate events take place every week, where the organisers need to book an attraction, whether it be for their customers or staff. It could be a company fun day, a conference, an exhibition or a staff appreciation day – to name but a few. Public events take place every day of the year - fairs, shows, markets and festivals where people want refreshments, including ice cream! We know where many of those events are – and we will tell you!

You could decide to place your Bar at a pop-up location such as a shopping mall, garden centre, tourist attraction or transport hub – in fact anywhere where there is sufficient footfall to ensure lots of sales. You could arrange to be there at weekends and school holidays but at other times book your Bar into some public or private events. Your decision.

Ice cream is not a seasonal business. We take bookings for Incredible Ice Cream Bars throughout the year. Yes – they are at their most popular during the summer months, but corporate and private events take place every month in the rest of the year, when they go indoors! The period leading up to Christmas is in fact one of our busiest periods. Each Incredible Ice Cream Bar is individually hand-made in the UK by craftsmen and you can choose your own colour scheme. Every Incredible Ice Cream Bar has its own personality and a unique name, which you can choose!

We have an ongoing social media campaign and that, combined with good search engine optimisation, means that we get regular enquiries for events. We will automatically pass on those that are closest to you.

A final point to put your mind at rest - your Incredible Ice Cream Bar and soft ice cream machine will be covered by a 24 hour repair or replacement warranty for the duration of the franchise. You will always be able to earn!

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