Incredible Ice Cream’s vibrant purpose-built bar wows customers at Big Fish Little Fish event

The Incredible Ice Cream Company franchise
The Incredible Ice Cream Company Magically Lickswishy - Because Everyone Loves Ice Cream

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Big Fish Little Fish are a beloved family events company in the UK, and Incredible Ice Cream recently enjoyed a queue of customers that took place on a Sunday afternoon at a Big Fish Little Fish event in Sheffield.

The Incredibe Ice Cream Company Franchise Party CarouselIn the words of Incredible Ice Cream, “At the legendary Leadmill venue in Sheffield, and with two of Manchester’s biggest names DJing, the queue at the ice cream bar was being serviced almost from start to finish.” Every new customer who gets their hands on an Incredible Ice Cream cone becomes a loyal customer - the desserts are simply that delicious. The colourful and highly memorable aesthetic of an Incredible Ice Cream bar also helps, and these bars are now available to franchisees in both mobile and static varieties (increasing flexibility).

If you’re interested in joining the Incredible Ice Cream team and helping the network cater for “amazing, fun family events” like the above, you can become a franchisee with the food franchise for a minimum initial investment of £24,000, with franchise fees of just £360 and a total investment cost of £24,000. After just two years in business with Incredible Ice Cream, your expected revenue is an impressive £100,000, allowing you to quickly recoup your investment and come to profit.

In return for your investment with Incredible Ice Cream, you’ll benefit from even more than profitability. You’ll have your choice of a static or mobile bar and an initial supply of ice cream will be provided (which could earn you up to £10,000) along with a full set of Incredible Ice Cream uniforms. You’ll then receive all the training and support you need to thrive, including full social media support on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, an initial training programme and ongoing refreshers. Find out more about the franchise that gives you the freedom to attend events up and down the UK via Incredible Ice Cream’s profile page, linked above.

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