The Flatman Partnership franchise

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The Flatman Partnership franchise

Build your own business in the rewarding world of property sales and lettings

Estate Agency specialising in sales and lettings of residential properties from a network of regional offices

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    800sq feet

About The Flatman Partnership

The Flatman Partnership is an Estate Agency specialising in sales and lettings of residential properties from a network of regional offices which enables individuals with no previous property experience to become experts in their own local market running their own local estate agency office. 

The Flatman Partnership covers all sides of the market by specialising in residential sales AND lettings, which enables our franchisees to gain maximum returns from their business in this enjoyable and rewarding market. Your local office can even benefit from multiple transactions for the same property; from a Landlord buying a new property to sourcing tenants for them and even the re-sale of the same property - so you, not only, benefit from the commission on the property sale, you also build an on-going residual income from the monthly management fees.

Our ‘end to end’ service has been the mainstay of The Flatman Partnership system for more than 15 years and has seen each office become known as the ‘local property experts’.  

Does it work?

Yes! Before we launched our franchise opportunity, a pilot project was undertaken to ensure that our systems were developed in line with ethical franchising policies and the British Franchise Association’s (BFA)

Code of Ethics.  The Flatman Partnership franchise model has been tried, tested and refined to make certain that you can join us without any previous industry experience and build up the skills and knowledge necessary to develop your own thriving business in a very short space of time.

The Flatman Partnership pilot operation was run by someone who had no previous industry experience; our team trained & supported them in setting up and running their own local property office.  We continued to work closely with them, gaining their insights and feedback; refining our systems and processes as we went. This pilot franchisee is now an integral part of our support team. There’s nothing more reassuring than being supported by someone who has been on the same journey before you; you will need in growing your business with people who have been there and done it themselves!

The Investment:

The premises is normally the most variable element of the set-up cost (location, condition, the amount of work needed to get it ready, etc.) so, in order to have a realistic budget, (assuming a sensible amount of refurbishment work), including the franchise fee, and some working capital, your total investment is likely to fall between £40,000 and £60,000. 

Our ongoing fees

The Flatman Partnership franchisees pay a small management services fee of just 9.5% (+ VAT) of the total monthly income to the business. This represents excellent value and is one of the lowest fees in the sector

Can I get finance?

You can… many of our franchisees will be able to finance a proportion of the initial investment, but as we have good relationships with the main High Street banks, most will advance you between 50% and 70% of the funding required (subject to status), we would, however, recommend that you have a personal liquid capital amount of around £30,000 before applying.

Earning Potential

Very few new businesses start out making a profit in the first year, but amazingly this one does!Our forecasts show that (after all costs) you should expect to see a small profit in Year One, a healthy profit of over £70,000 in Year Two rising to more than double that by Year Four. Naturally these figures aren’t guaranteed, but they are a good indication of performance that our own offices have proven.

Training and support provided

The Flatman Partnership will support you in every single aspect towards becoming the local property expert in your chosen location, including:

  • Achieving the required qualifications
  • Setting up your office
  • Finding customers
  • Sourcing staff
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • …and so much more

Yes, there is a lot to learn which can appear daunting, but, rest assured, the unique training and support systems we have in place, together with continual advice and guidance from our experienced specialist support team, will always be there to help you.

The ideal The Flatman Partnership franchisee

As a Flatman’s franchisee you will be dealing with people, day-to-day; handling what, for most people, is the largest transaction they will ever make.  For many, moving house is a stressful time, so part of your role is to reassure them that everything is in safe hands.

You will need to be:

  • a good communicator
  • empathetic
  • friendly, warm and welcoming
  • a good listener
  • able to react to the needs of your clients and pay attention to details

You will always need a minimum of one person working alongside you, so that your local office is always manned, when one of you is out on appointments. The Flatman Partnership franchise can work extremely well for a husband and wife team, or two business partners. But if you are coming into the business alone, we can assist you in identifying the ideal qualities for your first staff member, and help you to bring them on board and get them up to speed

The role is very varied; one day you might be dealing with a multiple property-owning landlord who will expect efficiency and straight talking, and the next it may be a nervous young couple on their way to buying, or renting, their first property together. 

You will need to ensure that sales and lettings are progressed without delay (we will train you how to do this) and you will want to make sure that your customers are, not only, delighted with your level of service, but also will happily recommend you to their friends and families.

The Flatman Partnership has developed the excellent reputation that we now enjoy by simply doing all of the right things, all of the time. It really isn’t difficult to do things properly, and by being the best in your area; which we make sure that you are, you will enjoy that same reputation and develop a rewarding and enjoyable new business.

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The Flatman Partnership's history

The Flatman Partnership was originally formed over 15 years ago to handle sales and lettings via a number of regional offices.   Run today by the Managing Director, Nick Barker, who has been in Estate Agency for over 35 years, and has opened numerous regional offices, The Flatman Partnership specialises in building relationships with buyers, vendors, tenants, landlords and property developers. 

The attention to detail, customer service and refined systems of The Flatman Partnership came to the fore during the challenges of a COVID-19 ravaged marketplace, during which the business actually continued to thrive and still increased turnover and profitability year-on-year.

Many traditional estate agencies focus on either sales or lettings, but very few actually handle both simultaneously.  Experience of trading during difficult market conditions (including the 2008 property crash,  the effects of Brexit and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic) has shown that by combining sales and lettings into one office, there is a tendency for downturns in one area of the market to be matched by upturns in the other.  For example, if mortgage rates become unaffordable, there are fewer houses being sold, but more being rented. 

The Flatman Partnership has gained a reputation for all-encompassing reliability and quality of service which were the original hallmarks used to establish the business, and which are still used to great effect today.