Realty UK franchise

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Realty UK franchise

The Property Showcase of the world

As a paradigm-shifting brand of the sector, Realty invites you to the Business Format Franchising system. In Business Format Franchising, not only in the field of products, services and brands, all the activities related to marketing and productions are included in the operating system as a whole.Simply, this type of franchising can be called as "selling ideas". Hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, rental and consultancy services operate in this type of franchising.

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Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
    £7500 per annum
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:

About Realty UK

Realty franchise information

We offer potential Franchisees an opportunity to join Realty Worldwide. Pick your location, and we will establish your business in the location. We differ in other competitors in our sector, as we have implemented Business Format Franchise system, this means that you will not only trade under Realty Global Franchising a global name, but we aso use the same system across all branches, from marketing, to CRM to sales and training.

We will not allocate more than 1 branch in the same borough given our franchisees an amazing opportunity to conquer the area, all our franchisees will showcase their properties on over 200 portals worldwide.

Our fees will be no more than £17,500 per year for a period of 5 years contract.

This will be for :

  • Franchising Fee: £10,000 + VAT per Year
  • System Usage fee: £1800 + VAT per year
  • Adminstration and Training Fee: £3000 + VAT per year
  • License fee: £1000 + VAT per year
  • Call Centre usage fee: £1200 + VAT per year
  • Phone lines : £150 ONE OFF payment

We help Franchisees all over the world and work with best immigration solicitors in order to assist with travel to the UK.

Training and support provided

We offer full Sales Training to all agents. We recruit Office Manager, Sales and Lettings of which the Franchisee will pay their salary and our own CRM system tailored for Realty only

The ideal Realty UK franchisee

All are welcome, all applicants will be invited for a meeting with Brand Owner and Country Director for all party's to understand what the other is looking for.

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