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Platinum Property Partners franchise

Platinum Property Partners is the worlds first property investment franchise. They assist you in building a portfolio of specialist buy-to-let properties, which can secure you an ongoing substantial income, a solid pension fund and a valuable legacy for your family.

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32,970 +VAT

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    Monthly subscription of £495 +VAT
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About Platinum Property Partners

Platinum Property Partners An income for life from your own specialist buy-to-let property portfolio.


About us

 Combining the power of franchising with the security of property investment is the philosophy on which Platinum Property Partners was founded. Their robust business model helped their original Franchise Partners survive the 2008 financial crisis, and will do so again during the tempestuous times that lay ahead in the wake of COVID-19.Platinum Property Partners franchise estate 

Why choose Platinum over any other franchise?

 If youve found yourself here, looking at franchising opportunities then its clear you want to future-proof your finances. Youll be looking for income in the short term, but no doubt youll want to invest for the future too.
This is where Platinum excels.

When you join Platinum, your income doesnt end when your franchise term does. It truly is an income for life. Other franchises tend to be a short-term solution to a long-term financial goal.

By joining Platinum, you wont be buying a job. In fact, most of our established Partners with portfolios of six properties work approximately five or six days per month to return £150,000 annual profit.

Thats certainly a comfortable income. And whats more, when your franchise term ends youll leave Platinum with a portfolio of assets that will continue to provide that same income, as well as being able to enjoy the capital growth your properties will have experienced.

The Platinum Way

When you leave Platinum, you dont lose your income or your assets, so why do so many of our Franchise Partners choose to stay with us after their franchise term ends?

Community and Security.

We can't imagine trying to navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic without the help and support of Platinum and the other Franchise Partners. Feeling part of this community is very special to us. - Alex Glass, longstanding Franchise Partner who extended his franchise term by joining our Alumni Programme.

Join us for a virtual Discovery Day

Like many other franchises, a large part of meeting prospective partners would, under usual circumstances be done through exhibitions and face to face events. Clearly, we are unable to do this for the time being, which is why we have been working hard behind the scenes to digitise our processes so we can provide as much continuity to those interested in joining Platinum as possible.

We have broken down the content from our traditional discovery day and transformed it into two bite-sized webinars. The first webinar, an introduction, will introduce you to our model and give you the opportunity to learn more about who we are and what we do, as well as walking you through the current property market, the impact COVID-19 is having on Platinum and the headline financials.


Training and support provided

Franchisees are required to attend multiple mandatory training days, which not only offer Platinums expertise, but provide the opportunity to learn and practice the skill of building, marketing and maintaining their ideal portfolio in a tax-efficient business structure. A team of over 50 industry professionals are involved in the highly effective, intensive and on-going training programme; including specialist mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors and lettings agents, as well as renovation and negotiation experts.

One-to-one mentors are also provided, to assist them with all areas of managing their portfolio. They are partnered with a location and buying mentor who accompanies them throughout the process of deciding the location of their portfolio and purchasing their first property. Throughout this process, the mentor will help them make important decisions, setting up a strong foundation and understanding for them to continue purchasing the most suitable and cost-efficient portfolio of properties. They are also allocated a refurbishment mentor who helps them optimise the space in their property and prioritise the most integral aspects of their HMO refurbishment within their budget for a stronger ROI.

The ideal Platinum Property Partners franchisee

Whilst Platinum Property Partners is an attractive franchise opportunity, it isnt suitable for everyone. To become a Platinum Property Partners franchisee, in excess of £300,000 to £700,000 of investment capital is required. This figure varies depending on the location and size of portfolio you intend to build. The investment can come from cash, equity in your home and even pension funding and family assets in some cases.

Platinums 370 Partners come from a huge range of backgrounds. Theyve got former directors, accountants and solicitors in our community of property investors. Theyve also welcomed former public sector workers from the NHS and education, as well as mothers reigniting their careers now their children have flown the nest. The nature of your background and skills are much less important that your determination to build your own business, create a substantial lifelong income and a better quality of life.


Find out more about joining the Platinum Property Partners network and the opportunity to earn £50,000-£150,000 a year. Request information now!


Platinum Property Partners' history

The franchise was born from Steve Boltons vision in 2007. He strived to improve peoples lives by bringing them financial security.

After franchising the business model with his partner Richard Davies, Platinum Property Partners became the fastest growing premium franchise in the UK.

Case studies

Six-figure income from property

Robin's never been a stranger to hard work, but by the end of 2019, he'll be earning a sixfigure income from property for 5 days
work per month.

Platinum property partners franchise case study gilesAfter 20 years in the import/export industry, having co-founded a pet accessory company in 2005 which he sold in 2012, hed experienced the blood, sweat and tears needed to build a successful business.

Robin continued to work in the business for the Private Equity owners, which was now turning over more than 100 million Euros, but the early mornings, late nights and lots of time in airports led to him wanting a real change. So, he took the opportunity to explore businesses that he and his wife, Maxine, could do together.

Proven systems and a formulaic path
Id already trodden the entrepreneurial path, and decided I wanted a more formulaic path, said Robin. Im never going to be the type to sit back and retire early, but we wanted a low-risk business with proven systems in place and thats why we looked at franchising.

In late 2016, Robin and Maxine came across Platinum Property Partners (PPP) at a franchise show. Their initial idea had been to look at fast food franchises as they needed to replace the income lost from Robins salary fairly quickly. However, when they heard Founder of PPP, Steve Bolton, give his presentation, they were excited to learn that they could build their own property portfolio via a franchise system.

Robin added: It seemed that burger franchises wanted your heart and soul, and whilst you could earn a decent income, youd still be trading your time for money, with no assets to speak of or any long-term solution. In contrast, PPP offered all of what we were looking for and more.
The couple had always been interested in property investment but had never been brave enough. They were fully aware of how easy it could be to lose hundreds of thousands of pounds as a result of just one mistake and were comforted by the fact that joining PPP would give them the expert guidance they needed.

Without a shadow of a doubt, joining PPP was the best decision we could have made when picking the right franchise for us. They have been crucial, not only to our success, but to going into property at all.

Whilst many Franchise Partners join PPP for almost instant time freedom, Robin and Maxine took a full speed ahead approach. By April 2017, just two months after joining, theyd started the refurbishment of their first property. Two months into the refurbishment, they received the keys for their second project. By month three, when the work was finished, they had their first fully tenanted HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) in Watford and the builders moved on to start the second project.  

For the next two years, they followed the pattern of simultaneously managing tenants whilst managing a new property refurbishment and starting their search for the next purchase, at least five months before the current project was estimated to finish. During this time, they would start actively advertising the unfinished property so it would be ready for tenants to move in the day the builders moved out. We never joined the franchise with the view to take it slow as we knew we needed to build our business and earn an income quickly, so we have been aggressive and non-stop since day one, said Robin.

Most properties have involved large scale refurbishments, including single storey extensions using Neighbourhood Consultation, loft and garage conversions, planning for Change of Use and Build Over applications as well as multiple Party Wall agreements. Thankfully, the extensive training and mentoring received by PPPs Power Team and continued support of HMO planning specialists, were invaluable not to mention the expert advice on managing tenancies post-completion provided by PPPs letting manager

We'll have six HMOs with a total of 39 rooms up and running by the end of 2019, less than three years after our journey started.


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