Platinum Property Partners franchise

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Platinum Property Partners franchise

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is the worlds first property investment franchise

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) assist you in building your own portfolio of specialist buy-to-let properties and secures you a substantial income for life.

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Franchise fees
32,970 +VAT

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  • Operating fee:
    Monthly subscription of £495 +VAT
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About Platinum Property Partners

Platinum Property Partners An income for life from your own specialist buy-to-let property portfolio.

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is the worlds first property investment franchise.
Offering a tried, tested and proven franchised business model which can generate you a lifelong annual income of £50,000 to £150,000 and an average return of 15% or more on your investment. 

As a Franchise Partner you will learn everything you need to know, what costly mistakes to avoid and how, including which properties to buy and where, how to cost-effectively refurbish them, as well as obtain the required planning permissions and licensing.
Unlike other franchises, you own the assets from day one, so the income keeps coming in long after your commitment to us has expired. Most properties generate an average of £17,000 annual gross profit 40% higher than traditional buy-to-let models.

By utilising your existing finances, you can build a low-risk property investment business underpinned by a portfolio of appreciating assets, which in years to come will be a solid pension fund for you and a valuable legacy for your family.


Who are we?

We are the UKs fastest growing premium franchise and a full member of the British Franchise Association (bfa) and Approved Franchise Association (AFA). 

However, we are more than just a franchisor; our Franchise Partners tell us we are a way of life. We truly believe in the power of a network and helping people like you achieve your goals in life. Whether thats in control of your long-term finances, in control of your free time and how you enjoy it, or in control of your future and that of your family. 

Why join Platinum Property Partners? 

  • As a network we now own 1000+ properties across 200 towns & cities across the UK.
  • The properties are home to more than 6,400 happy housemates.
  • They are worth in excess of £250 million combined.
  • 94% of PPP Franchise Partners state that they have met or excessed their financial expectations after 2 years. 

Platinum Property Partners franchise estate

Training and support provided

You must make an upfront investment and ongoing monthly costs which will vary depending on membership term, location and your goals. This provides you with complete access of the franchise system, operations manuals, one-to-one mentoring, training, the trading license and many more ongoing support services.

Once you become a franchise owner, we will allocate a mentor to guide you in decisions needed for setting up goals and assist in training which includes: one-to-one mentoring, meetings with our team at our Head Office, our network of coaches and property experts. In addition, a 2-day Boot camp and a Foundation Letting Course is required to ensure that youll be equipped with all the information to run a successful business. However, you will still continue to have access to a range of other training programmes, personal development workshops and lifestyle events.

PPP Franchise houses

The ideal Platinum Property Partners franchisee

Who are we looking for?

For over 12 years, we have worked with over 360 Franchise Partners, who have either already achieved or are well on their way to achieving financial security. Our Franchise Partners come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have had director level roles in large companies, others have been accountants or solicitors. Many have run their own business or had a career in industry, teaching or the NHS. Some are mothers looking to find a suitable career as their children grow up.

The nature of your background and skills are much less important than your determination to build your own business, create a substantial lifelong income and a better quality of life.

Earning Potential

With our guidance and support, well teach you how to become a successful and professional property investor and landlord. We specialise solely in high quality Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) for professionals and key workers. This type of investment typically generates more than three times as much rental income as single-tenancy buy-to-let property. Franchise Partners are able to achieve an annual income of £50,000-£150,000.

Investment Level

In order to be considered as a potential Franchise Partner, we ask that you can gain access to between £300,000 and £700,000 of working capital. This will be drawn on in stages over the first 12 months to fund initial franchise fee and the purchase of your first property. The amount is dependent on the desired location and size of portfolio.

You can access this required capital investment from releasing equity from your home or existing properties, pension funds, existing savings or liquidising other investments such as stocks and shares. PPP will work through this with you to ensure that the capital investment requirements are realistic for you and your financial circumstances.

Find out more about joining the Platinum Property Partners network and the opportunity to earn £50,000-£150,000 a year. Click below now!

Platinum Property Partners's history

The company was established by Steve Bolton in 2007. In 2007, Steve began to franchise the model with his business partner, Richard Davies, and Platinum Property Partners has become the fastest growing premium franchise in the UK. In 2012, and is a full member of the British Franchise Association.

Case studies

Six-figure income from property

Platinum property partners franchise case study gilesGiles is a Platinum Property Partner from Poole, who wanted to double his six-figure income from property in the next three years.

Since joining the property investment franchise in late 2013, the former Chartered Surveyor has successfully replaced his income by building his own portfolio of t high quality HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) for professional tenants.

After moving from London to Poole with his wife Ruth and their two young children in 2011, Giles found that there wasnt a market for he type of specialist work hed been enjoying in the City asset managing high value commercial real estate. Even though he was till commuting to his Piccadilly office two or three times a week, he knew this wasnt sustainable and that he needed to reinvent himself, so he started to consider the viability of residential property investment.

I knew about property and I knew it could work, said Giles. But when I looked into investing in single tenancy buy-to-let flats in Bournemouth and Poole, the numbers just didnt stack up and the returns werent good enough to replace my income.

Giles also considered holiday lets, but was soon put off. This was when he was advised to talk to Steve Bolton.

Within three weeks of speaking to Steve for the first time and being introduced to Platinum Property Partners, Giles had attended a Discovery Day, conducted thorough due diligence and joined the franchise. 

What Ive since been taught by PPP has easily covered the initial franchise fee

Just knowing how to use Directors loans and how Capital Allowances work has saved me a considerable amount in tax. Giles first HMO was up and running in early 2014. It was a small project that required no major refurbishment, conversion or building work, because he wanted to run before he could walk, but this six-bedroom shared house has turned out to be the best performing in terms of income return. The property is also still home to some of the original housemates three and a half years on.

After that, Giles decided to put his money raising skills to the test and continued to grow his HMO property portfolio with passive investment and joint ventures. He also changed tack and only went for older properties that needed complete renovation so he could achieve greater development profits and an uplift in value.

The one thing that always remained constant was his return on investment goal. Giles commented: Ever since I attended the Discovery Day and learnt that the average Platinum property generated a net 15% return on investment, I have used that as my benchmark. If a property cannot generate that return as a minimum, I wont buy it.

In fact, Giles portfolio achieves an average return on investment in excess of 15%. This has enabled him and his family to live comfortably, spend more time together and provide a legacy for their children.

My priority when joining Platinum Property Partners was to replace my income and be able to spend more time with the kids

If I hadnt had Platinum encouraging me and holding my hand, I might have gone back to employment, got to 60, had an inadequate pension and not taken control of my life.