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Wimpy is an iconic American brand and one of the original fast-food takeaways.

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The iconic Mr Cuddles teddy bear will make a reappearance in a new advert for Wimpy in South Africa.

Mr Cuddles is Wimpy’s iconic teddy bear. It has featured in a number of its adverts promoting offers across Wimpy’s burgers, desserts and drinks range. And the much-loved bear is returning once again for a new advert promoting its Wimpy Burger, chips and classic milkshake for R49.90 (approximately £2.90).

The new advert shows a family eating out together, along with the young girl’s teddy bear, Mr Cuddles. She reminds her dad of the time that he blamed Mr Cuddles for his bad manners and slides his milkshake back to her claiming, “it’s payback time”. Her dad then tries to take it back off her, arguing that she is too old for Mr Cuddles now, when she retorts that he is too big for milkshakes now. He gives in and she keeps the milkshake.

Wimpy’s tagline ‘live every Wimpy moment’ is the inspiration behind the advert. It enabled them to encourage people to get together for a family outing at Wimpy and to enjoy the deal without stretching their wallets.

Wimpy Marketing Manager, Luise Peters, explains the advert’s goal, “by combining several of Wimpy’s most-loved and often-purchased offerings – the iconic Wimpy Burger, the truly famous Wimpy Chips and the totally indulgent Wimpy Classic Milkshake – in a really well-priced, low-cost deal, we believed we would encourage consumers who have not experienced the brand in action before to try it”.

She continues, “we once again enjoy the repartee between the Dad and daughter that we’ve come to know. The result is warm and endearing – a charming reminder that Wimpy offers up the best environment and great value for a lovely family outing”.

The advert will run for six weeks in South Africa. It was produced by Egg Films and directed by Dani Hynes. There will also be a national radio promotion of the deal.

Wimpy is a global franchise that is run from Johannesburg, South Africa. The original restaurant was established in 1934 in the US.

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