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Sandwich franchise Subway has revealed some of the most unusual sandwiches it has ever had to craft in its stores.

While most of us can agree that classic sandwich combinations like the BLT or ham and cheese are a tasty option, we’ve all got a guilty pleasure that’s likely to raise eyebrows. Perhaps you always ask for extra gherkins or add guacamole into your tuna mayo. Well, even you are about to feel a lot less adventurous.

A Reddit thread has revealed some truly strange orders Subway’s workers have been asked to make. One response told the story of a customer who loved an extra-toasted sandwich to the extent that it was almost black. His response for the unusual choice was that he “really likes the taste of burnt everything”.

While most vegetarians and vegans know how tricky it can be to find meat-free options, one customer kept it simple by ordering two whole bags of lettuce on his sandwich. Thankfully, if a lettuce-packed roll doesn’t sound appealing, veg lovers now have three delicious options to pick from at the sandwich franchise.

Finally, another worker revealed that a number of customers would ask for just condiments in their sandwich. One customer reportedly asked for his lunch to be filled with every single condiment in store – a bold choice, to say the least.

Subway commented:

“At Subway, all our Subs, salads and wraps are freshly made to order with guests able to customise these to suit their own tastes and preferences – however weird and wonderful they may be! Guests [can now] make any Sub into a wrap or salad. That’s over 62 million flavour combinations that guests can try by adding sauces, salads and toppings to have their meal exactly how they like it."

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