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Kumonís educational programme is now seeing parents that attended its classes bringing along their own kids,

Kumonís new opening at the Riverdale Y Centre in New York is attracting the next generation of learners after their parentsí positive experiences. In an article for the Riverdale Press, parent Daniel Suh said this his positive experiences of the education franchise encouraged him to take his son along for some extra-curricular help. Despite his experiences with the company being some 20 years ago in South Korea, it had a huge impact on his life.

ďI had a great experience. At the time, I was probably fighting it, but I think I benefited from it.Ē

Suhís son Nathan is young, but he explained that supplementary educational programmes like Kumon are important as they build a strong academic foundation for children and give their lives structure. He added that Nathan himself enjoys the programme, which helps children with Maths and English skills, saying:

ďHe always says he wants to do Kumon. For a lot of parents, (Kumon has) been around for many years, so you know itís very organized, systematic and consistent.Ē

Kumon educator Gabriel Arias, who runs classes at the centre, said that he loves helping children with their educational needs and explained how Kumonís challenging classes push children to achieve.

ďThis is not a normal school, itís quick. I was a Kumon student for a long time, and itís very helpful. I would say that the work ethic forces you to be on top of your homework.Ē

Founded in Japan in 1958 by gifted maths teacher Toru Kumon, Kumon is one of the worldís leading supplementary education providers. With more than 24,000 centres across 50 countries, including more than 600 franchised locations in the UK alone, its helped thousands of children to achieve their academic potential.

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