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Kumon’s Kelowna branch in British Columbia, Canada, has been celebrated by a long-time customer. 

The education franchise centre was established in 1992 by a couple from the nearby city of Armstrong. When the time came for them to hand over the reins, their daughter Susan took on ownership of the branch, before handing it over to her assistant Alisha Ahuja later on. 

Although Alisha was studying to become a pharmacist, she was keen to divert her attention to the franchise. She explained, 


"I was working as a pharmacy assistant at the same time and was planning on being a pharmacist. But, as it turned out, I didn't enjoy the pharmacy assistant job after a year and began focusing my work at Kumon while completing my Bachelors of Science at [The University of British Columbia Okanagan].” 

Jessica Moore is just one of the customers to witness the centre’s development through the years. She has spoken about how she was a Kumon student as a young child, and has now enrolled her son in its education programme. 

"I have had a great experience with Kumon as a student, and now as a parent. My son Kaleb has gone from a non-reader to a reader since joining a year ago. He has gained confidence in maths, and overall, he is doing well academically.”


Jessica was quick to praise the franchise and describe how it has helped her: 


“Kumon changed my life. In Grade 6, I was really struggling with maths. I had no confidence in myself and was not meeting the curriculum expectations. Within two years of joining Kumon, I was no longer struggling, and instead was working above grade level. 


“I enrolled my son as soon as I could because of my own success in the programme.” 


Now, Jessica herself is a teacher and understands how Kumon makes such a difference to students:


“Kumon works because it meets each student where they are at, and then moves them past where they need to be.” 


Find out more about the franchise at its profile page, linked above.

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