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A school teacher has described the process of becoming a franchisee with Kumon. 

Matthew Foster worked as a special education teacher in Kentucky for many years before becoming an assistant headteacher, a role he held for almost a decade. Working in the academic sphere, he understood the importance of education, and enrolled his own children in the local Kumon centre’s Maths and Reading Programme. There, they were able to complement their school learning with its helpful after-school sessions. 

But when Matthew’s wife was given the opportunity to relocate for work and the family moved to South Carolina, he decided to shift his focus with a career change. Arriving in Myrtle Beach, the assistant headteacher was disappointed to learn there was no local Kumon centre in the area - so he launched one! 

Matthew is now the proud owner of Kumon Myrtle Beach. Talking about his decision to become a franchisee with the thriving brand, he said,

“What made me want to be a part of the Kumon family is that it can serve a wide range of students, and is solely based on ability. I saw my own children’s progress firsthand and can’t wait to see the same in my future students.


“I’m looking forward to serving the Myrtle Beach area with dignity by providing students the opportunity to change their academic trajectory. Kumon’s goal is to create world peace through education, and my role in that begins now!” 


Matthew will continue to offer top-quality educational resources for local children throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The Myrtle Beach Kumon centre is currently providing sessions virtually and in person at the branch.


If you’d like to walk in Matthew’s footsteps and help children in your local community further their academic abilities, why not consider becoming a Kumon franchisee? The education franchise provides high-quality business support to make sure its investors see success. 

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