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Carey’s franchise

Carey’s is a Midlands-based mobile car cleaning and valet service, established by Tom Carey in 2004.

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Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
    £150 per month for the first 12 months and then £250
  • Average floor space:

About Carey’s

About Carey’s

The idea for Carey’s grew from our love of cars and cleaning. We have a passion for everything we do and are extremely proud of how our business has grown and flourished over the years, giving so many people a unique opportunity to run profitable businesses of their own. This is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone within the Carey’s family.

In fact, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to clean every car that comes our way— regardless of its age, colour, make, or model—with the same level of respect and detail. For us, all cars are created equal!

And just like the cars we clean, our customer base stretches across all walks of life, ranging from retirees who only use our services once per month to big companies that call on us weekly.

Through solid branding, strategic advertising on digital and social media, and exceptional customer care, we’ve successfully built our business to where it is today.

Our core services include:

  • Monthly/weekly valet services: private, family, or business vehicles
  • Mobile cleaning services for all imaginable vehicle types, including: school buses, tractors, advertising vehicles, luxury cars, caravans, motorhomes, and motorbikes
  • Specialized cleaning to eliminate paint, tar, concrete, or vomit
  • Removal of graphics from “sign-written” vehicles
  • Car detailing: waxing, polishing, and clay bar
  • Paint protection services

Earnings potential

We anticipate our franchisees earning £1000 per week in sales from the very start. This is based on a 5-day work week (£200 per day in sales) and valet maintenance fees of £20-25 per vehicle.


Pricing can increase up to £150 per day for Carey’s signature valets and over £200 for paint protection, therefore making it possible to earn £300-500 per day given the right job and location.

By year three our goal is to help franchisees secure a second van for the purposes of hiring an a self-employed Carey’s service provider. This is a great way for franchisees to grow their business whilst earning additional passive income.

Training and support provided

What do you get by becoming a Carey’s franchisee?

Becoming a Carey’s franchisee means tapping into 15 years of local market experience.

All franchisees are provided with the following business resources to get up and running, fast:

  • A personalized Carey’s-branded business website
  • Ongoing brand, marketing, and website support
  • Training in Google Adwords and Facebook/Instagram Advertising
  • Access to a full range of Carey’s branded resources: business cards, letterhead, compliment slips, discount vouchers, price lists, flyers and leaflets, invoice slips, floor mats, interior mirror hangers, and more!
  • 12-week marketing strategy plan, including business start-up targets and goals*

*to be reviewed during monthly comms calls with Tom Carey

Franchisees will also receive the following resources* to carry out Carey’s premium cleaning and valet services according to the company’s quality standards:

  • One-on-one training with Tom Carey (in Derby) to teach franchisees how to conduct valet services uniformly according to Carey’s premium service standards.
  • Standard van setup: shelving, jet wash, generator, lance, hose, reel, bottles, vacuum, shampooer, and other sundry items.
  • Full range of equipment: machine polisher, snow foam lance, pet brushes, detail brushes, sponges, clothes, leathers, buckets, and grit guards + several months’ worth of chemicals
  • Safety equipment: first aid kit, caution signs, firefighting equipment, PPE, masks, and gloves
  • Carey’s branded uniform: 2 jumpers, 5 polo t-shirts, and 2 work trousers
  • iPad with pre-loaded booking system, including a tutorial on how to build your client base
  • General business and bookkeeping training
  • Method statements on how to carry out day-to-day tasks correctly and consistently
  • Sign writing

*Franchisees are required to purchase their own van. Carey’s does not provide this.

What can our franchisees expect from us?

There is no other valet franchise like Carey’s in the UK, much less one that is willing to put its family name up, front, and centre. We believe our brand is a big part of the Carey’s experience and something that truly differentiates us in the marketplace.

We are excited to share our experience with motivated franchisees who are ready to build and run their own successful businesses. We provide ongoing training and support, including the best equipment in the industry, to help franchisees “wow” their customers from the very start. We also help franchisees develop their sales and marketing skills, so they can grow their business and provide greater value to their customers. All training is provided by Tom Carey himself, who independently grew this business from scratch in the Midlands are over the course of 15 years.

As of day one Tom will be there to help franchisees succeed in their new career path every step of the way, including ongoing support via weekly comms calls with all franchisees. Each franchisee will also receive a comprehensive guide that details how to market their business, get and retain clients, and provide an exceptional and consistent customer experience. Carey’s will also monitor franchisee bookings regularly to better understand how we can support your business’s growth.

The training period begins with a full week of one-on-one master classes where franchisees will learn the ins and outs of running a Carey’s business. This comes complete with a comprehensive 12-week marketing strategy – tailored to a franchisee’s local area – with useful tips about how to attract new customers effectively, including in-depth Google Adwords and Facebook/Instagram Advertising training. At the end of the week, franchisees will receive their newly kitted out, Carey’s-branded van, so they can begin trading immediately.

To help franchisees grow their businesses quickly, Carey’s also provides the following:

  • Reduced management fees of £150 for the first 12 months (£250 per month thereafter)
  • Exclusive discounts to professional-grade chemicals and supplies*
    *only when purchased via Carey’s franchise website portal
  • Regular updates and training support via the Carey’s franchise website portal

The ideal Carey’s franchisee

A successful Carey’s franchisee is:

  • Hard working and resilient
  • Passionate about cars
  • Physically fit
  • Presentable and approachable
  • Friendly and well-mannered
  • Focused on every detail
  • Well-organised, thorough, careful, and considerate
  • Committed to success with a 24/7 “can do” attitude

Carey’s' history

The beginning

Carey’s was established in 2004 by Tom Carey. Tom originally buying into a franchise himself called Lellers. Soon after its set up Tom did not feel he was receiving the right amount of support from the franchise company so took on Matt, his brother and Carey’s was born. The business originally came about due to our love of cars and cleaning and we have only got to where we are now down to hard work, graft and a clear cut need to succeed. We are extremely proud of our business and what we have achieved and believe that our passion for what we do and our brand will help anyone who has the same desire to own a successful business. 

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