Petrol Station franchise opportunities

The British love of convenience and easy access means that petrol stations are no longer just places to fuel up vehicles.

There are car washes of course, but also most now have well stocked shops offering groceries, care accessories and newspapers. Many have food and beverages for drivers on the go or even caf areas to linger. Food and beverage companies such as Costa and Starbucks have seen the value of having their products available in petrol stations, and many other retailers like Tesco and M&S have been keen to tie up joint ventures. Plus, some petrol stations are planing to add electric car charging ports on their forecourt. This will help them stay competitive as it is estimated that by 2035 there will be 100m electric vehicles on the road.

It is an exciting time to consider starting a petrol station franchise or taking over an existing one. People will always need fuel for their cars, and wont necessarily want to travel many miles to find it. Plus, there is no other way to buy fuel than calling into your local or on route petrol station. It is highly unlikely it will have to compete with online supply!

However, this is rarely a business sector that entrepreneurs can enter from a cold start. Having the backing of an experienced franchiser provides great reassurance and resources, but also existing industry connections, wholesale discounts and the latest technology you need. The key to success in this sector is location finding a spot for a petrol station franchise where there is plenty of local or passing trade, and far enough away from supermarket fuel provision to compete effectively.

The parent company for your franchise will be able to provide a wealth of help and information on this vital planning issue, and local environmental laws. Some parent companies can help you set up fuel brokerages, where you supply fuel to transport companies for example.

The big names you would expect to see on the list of those looking for new franchise partners include Esso, Texaco, Shell and BP. Less familiar names include the Motor Fuel Group.

To fuel your petrol station franchise with the best chance of success, contact us today.

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