EcoTec Autogas fuels Point Franchise expansion

EcoTec Autogas franchise
EcoTec Autogas

The UKís only LPG Conversion Franchise

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EcoTec Autogas is the newest franchise to join Point Franchise Ė letís find out more.

Point Franchise is pleased to welcome EcoTec Autogas to its vast network of exciting franchise opportunities. The car franchise is currently the UKís only LPG Conversion franchise and offers an exciting opportunity to people looking to tap into the growing greener energy market. We couldnít be more delighted to welcome the exciting franchise and canít wait to hear more from EcoTec Autogas in the near future.

EcoTec Autogas is a unique franchise that offers people the chance to tap into the growing LPG conversions market in the UK. As people grow more conscious of the impact their fuel consumption is having on the environment, as well as the rapidly spiralling cost of fuelling a car, alternative solutions are needed. EcoTec Autogas offers a unique LPG conversion service for petrol vehicles, allowing owners of any petrol-run vehicle to run their cars solely on LPG and save an estimated 40 percent on their fuel costs.

The franchise opportunity is available for people to run either as a stand-alone business that solely offers EcoTecís services or as an additional source of income for an existing garage business. This makes it a highly flexible franchise opportunity that provides an average of 50 percent gross profit to each franchisee. Whatís more, you can become part of the EcoTec franchise network for just £19,995 and enjoy the chance to grow your business in a virtually untapped market completely royalty-free.

Full training will be provided at EcoTecís European partners learning centre, giving you the confidence to launch your business or bolt-on service to your local community. You donít need any previous experience working as a mechanic or with running your own business, as youíll be supported throughout your franchising journey with everything from marketing to staff support.

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